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What Cladding Should You Choose Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Do you believe in Astrology? If so, we have just the read for you!

Ensuring you always feel at home by tailoring your space to fit in with your sign's typical traits, discover what cladding you should choose based on your zodiac sign

Aries and Libra

You aren't afraid to opt to be bold with your design choices and will be extremely ambitious when it comes to your project. If you are an Aries or a Libra we suggest you opt for our ThermoChar® range, especially in the finish Ebony to create a contemporary style. Various black and white finishes will be found all around your home, alongside different materials, which will allow you to create a sleek look.

* The above image uses our ThermoChar® cladding in the finish Ebony.

Taurus and Capricorn

You both love to be around nature in which you will want to incorporate this in your home and will therefore you should opt for a rustic theme. We suggest you go for our ThermoWood Iroko Hardwood as it means you will be surrounded by raw materials. Your house is likely to be decorated with live plants and personal objects. To immerse yourself in nature you should also think about your outside area, created a decked area where you can unwind will be perfect for you.

*The above image uses our ThermoWood Iroko Hardwood Cladding.

Gemini and Aquarius

You have a wandering nature and are extremely creative, which means you aren't afraid to play around with different materials when it comes to your house. We would suggest opting for our ThermoWood Pine Softwood cladding, all the various knots on each board will allow your creative side to shine through. As you love to socialise your house is likely to be open-planned with lots of colourful, creative prints hanging up on the walls.

*The above image uses our ThermoWood Pine Softwood cladding.

Cancer and Taurus

You are drawn towards quaint and cosy interiors and want your home to be a place you can unwind. We suggest you opt for our ThermoWood Ayous Hardwood cladding as you love neutral shades and your interior will probably be a mix of white, blues, and beige. You should decorate your home with big plush cushions and sentimental photos to remind you of happy times.

*The above image uses our ThermoWood Ayous Hardwood cladding


You will use your home as a way to express yourself and show off your ego, so we suggest opting for our AtelierClad® range in the colour Carbonite. As you are a fire sign, decorate your home with candelabras or a focal fireplace this will complement your energy, to ensure your house continues to be bright opt for big windows, allowing a vast amount of sun into your house will keep a Leo feeling energetic.

*The above image uses our AtelierClad® range in the colour Carbonite.

Virgo and Pisces

Your pride yourself on elegance and tidiness, and you will want your house to portray this too. You will want to stay away from loud pieces and focus on minimalism. Our ThermoWood TulipWood Hardwood cladding is a perfect choice for you and the earthy tones will also flow into your interior design choices. You will be wanting pretty flowers present in your home.

*The above image uses ate ThermoWood Tulipwood Hardwood Cladding.


You will find the house of a Scorpio will have one style that flows throughout with similar colours, textures and finishes throughout their house. They are likely to be extremely thorough and have an industrial look. They should opt for our ThermoWood Ash Hardwood cladding and consider also using this material on their interior floors.

*The above image uses our ThermoWood Ash Hardwood Cladding

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