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Terms and Conditions

Covid19 and Global Supply Chain

Due to unprecedented times since lockdown in March 2020. There are still abnormal delays in the Timber supply

chain globally because of the processing mills being shut. This has been further compounded by also closing for

their normal summer breaks and the unprecedented increase in demand for the use of timber in construction to

help offset environmental impacts of global warming. Many specialist mills are still behind on and their

harvesting and processing of logs and the ongoing disruption to shipping containers that carry the raw timber

logs to specialist mills globally. QTD are doing their utmost to reduce these delays in getting material to their

customers and can only apologise. However, QTD request that all customers allow longer than normal lead times

when ordering material so that they are not unduly affected by these delays.

To help QTD are providing FREE of CHARGE storage facilities on orders placed well in advance to help

minimise delays. These current circumstances are completely out of QTD’s control and therefore cannot accept

any liability for onsite delays or costs that may occur as a result.

Services and Brands

Any work that is carried out for and on behalf of QTD Ltd will comply with its terms and conditions of business

so as not to be to the detriment of QTD’s standing in the market and will strictly adhere to QTD’s branding and

marketing policies. QTD are not liable for any product claims or the misuse or misinterpretation of its website

content and is used at the client’s discretion. The company name, websites, domain names, images, text, and

description of services are wholly owned by QTD and are protected by copyright law and will not be altered,

removed from the internet or used in any way unless with prior written consent from QTD. QTD reserves the

right to charge for images taken by third parties of their branded trademark products if QTD have not been

credited for that product. QTD retains all intellectual property rights on all projects designed and built by QTD.

Should a client project require planning permission it is entirely the client’s responsibility for obtaining all

necessary consent. All services provided by QTD are bound by these terms of business.

Customised and Bespoke Products

QTD offers a customised and bespoke range of natural timber products to ensure each customer’s unique needs

are met, which includes log procurement to yield the customer’s requested timber size, subject in all cases to raw

material delays and availability. Should a requested size of timber not be readily available to meet the customers

timeframe or quality of raw material not pass quality control checks, then QTD reserves the right to consider

using a different size or species of suitable and comparable timber wherever possible to reduce lead times for the

customer. As QTD branded products are all customised and bespoke to the customer and a deposit or full

payment has been made, QTD must pay the mill in advance to secure the required logs, volume, size, and species

of the material required, therefore the order cannot be cancelled, and the customer will be duty bound by QTD

terms to accept the product. Further customisation happens once the timber is in QTD’s workshop before being

dispatched to the customer.

Payment Terms

Are strictly in accordance with QTD terms laid down in the quotation/contract and overrides and supersedes any

other terms by the customer.

A non-refundable payment will be required at the time of ordering to secure log procurement and initial timber

processing of requested sizes, allowing for shrinkage during thermal modification or kiln drying of the

customized timber sizes in accordance with the customer’s request as laid down and agreed in the customers

documentation referred to as Quotation and Order acceptance. If applicable, any outstanding monies will be due

prior to further customisable machining and finishing of the timber.

In the case of building projects, an Interim payment is due on the day work commences and the balance of all

monies due on completion of the project. Additions and alterations to the original quotation/contract value

requested during a project will be subject to the same payment terms without exception and will not alter the

agreed contract value unless specified and agreed in writing by QTD. Failure to comply with QTD payment

terms will incur interest charges being added to the quotation/contract price at 5% above Bank of England Base

Rate and will accrue daily until payment is received. Payments made for services or goods by credit card will not

be subject to a Surcharge/Booking Fee/Admin Fee or Service Fee on the total amount and no charge will be

made for using Debit cards.Delays to Build Projects

Once a project has been agreed and deposit paid, every attempt is made by QTD to meet the provisional start date

agreed at the time. Should a project be subsequently delayed by the client after work has commenced for any

reason outside of QTD’s control, forcing QTD to leave the site, then a retention charge of £250.00 per day for

each carpenter working on site at the time will be incurred by the client/main contractor until work can re-


This retention of services means that QTD will return to site without delay once QTD have been informed in

writing. QTD will be reimbursed prior to work re-commencing. If QTD is not retained, then QTD will recover

costs incurred on other client projects that have been impacted by these delays. QTD will not be responsible to

the client by way of compensation for any delays to a project caused by the client/main contractor or timber

suppliers not having enough timber to meet delivery dates, after an order has been placed in good faith by QTD.

Should the client request any modifications or adjustments to the project then QTD must be informed in writing

prior to completion and leaving site. Failure to do so will incur additional labour costs in returning to site.

Build Warranty

As a constructed product it is warranted by QTD as being properly designed and built, and therefore fit for the

purpose under the sale of goods act. This naturally excludes fair wear and tear, and any ground or building

movement out of its control. QTD always design and structure each product to exceed all current Building

Standards and ensure that it complies with all reasonably known factors at the time of its installation. Any works

or alterations to a QTD project or product by the client/main contractor or others is at the owner’s risk and

negates any warranty offered by QTD. Workmanship is warranted for 12 months from completion (subject to

QTD terms being met). Should a commercial client request a site visit to an existing QTD project after QTD’s

warranty period has expired then a callout fee of £95.00 will apply. Should any chargeable works then be

required, the call out fee will be refunded. Any claim should be made in writing to QTD within 2 days of

discovery. Once a QTD project is completed it is then the responsibility of the client to maintain and structurally

check the project on an ongoing basis unless a maintenance and structural contract has been entered into between

both parties.

Natural Product

As a natural product all samples can vary in grain, texture, and colouring. QTD cannot take responsibility for, or

control these natural variations, so customers should expect that the samples may not be 100% the same as the

end product they receive. All wood will expand and contract with occasional grain checking/shakes (opening)

appearing on the surface. This is due to the variable weather conditions and changing moisture levels adjacent to

it. All timber is sold as FAS one face grade meaning good one face i.e. top face. A common grade for the UK

market. The FAS grade includes a range of boards that yield from 83.33% to 100% clear-wood cuttings over the

entire surface of the board. The clear cuttings must be a minimum size of 3″ wide by 7′ long or 4″ wide by 5′

long. The number of these cuttings permitted depends on the size of the board, with most boards permitting one

to two. The minimum width and length will vary, depending on the species and whether the board is green or kiln

dried. All board lengths carry a +/- 10mm tolerance and widths carry a +/- 2mm tolerance, so please make

allowance for this in your calculation requirements when ordering. Both faces of the board must meet minimum

requirements for FAS. The better face must meet all FAS requirements while the poor face must meet all the

requirements of the Number 1 Common grade, thus ensuring the buyer with at least one FAS face. Often export

shipments are assembled with an 80-20 mix (80% being the percentage of FAS boards and 20% the percentage of

F1F boards). Occasional defects like chips and marks will be present although every attempt is made where

possible to keep this to a minimum on the timber QTD supply. Timber can be prone to micro worm holes and

short grain which are natural defects and acceptable within grading rules. Hardwood and Softwood packs are

shipped in from countries like America, Africa, New Zealand, and Scandinavian countries. Each timber layer in

the pack has to be battened to aid transport stability and breathing of the timber. A surface colour change may be

apparent where the batten has been positioned along with some localised marking. This is normal and will fade

away, or it can be removed by sanding or cleaning the timber prior to oiling. QTD are not liable for this. The

wood will fade to a silvery grey if left to age naturally, some species will age quicker than others.

QTD purchase wood from respectable mills in good faith and are not liable for any changes in the wood as a natural

product once it has been supplied by QTD.

Surface Finishes

Charred surfaces applied to Thermowood timber boards provide a rustic and variable textured surface and do not

resemble the look of a factory applied painted surface. Every board is different and unique in appearance.

Heavily charring the surface of a timber board deeply provides a fade resistant surface. However, as to the

number of years this remains, is unpredictable given the varying degrees of exposure to the weather that the

boards will be subjected to. Therefore, a timescale guarantee cannot be offered. Light and Medium charred and

pigmented finishes will fade quicker than heavy charred finishes at some point, dependent again on the levels of

UV and weather exposure and therefore no timescale guarantee can be offered. Charring on softwood like Pine

and Ayous will naturally be a more delicate surface than on hardwood Ash, therefore additional care must be

taken when accepting delivery and handling prior and during installation so as not to compromise the surface.

Delivery of all ThermoChar®, AtelierClad®, and AtelierDeck® products have a protection sheet between each

layer of boards and this must be utilized onsite prior and during installation to prevent any surface

compromise. None of these surface finishes will have an adverse effect on the overall durability and

performance of the timber itself should it be compromised. QTD Ltd do not accept liability for any of these

products that are damaged after they have been delivered. Painted surfaces applied to ThermoWood, and Natural

timbers are not applied to machine smooth boards. The surface is mechanically brushed to open the pores of the

timber, producing a textured raised grain look that will readily accept the flexible, UV resistant paint. Touch up

pots of the chosen colour are purchased and provided with each delivered order and like the charred orders are

protected with a protection sheet to prevent surface damage. As a natural product, no time frame can be

guaranteed on the longevity of the painted surface before it is affected by UV exposure. The same due care and

attention as the charred surfaces must be applied to these boards prior and during installation. QTD Ltd do not

accept responsibility for scratches and damage that may occur during the unloading of a delivery and after the

boards have been delivered to site.

Manufactured Composite Products.

Should a defect occur after they have been supplied or installed by QTD and after a build project is signed off by

the customer as completed to their satisfaction. Then QTD will contact the supplier to request the defective

material be replaced. If the manufacturer/supplier agrees that the customer warranty is in place and accepts

liability then if QTD have installed this product, they will be happy to replace the defective material with new

material at a labour cost of £200 per day for each carpenter that is required to remove and replace the material.

This will be the extent of QTD’s obligation.

UV Treatments

Softwood and Hardwood oils and sealers will enhance the timbers’ natural colour and help to slow down the

ageing process. UV/weathering exposure to cladding and decking vary enormously, and the long-term

performance of the treatments will vary, therefore no claim can be made against QTD, or warranty implied.

Cleaning and Maintenance Treatment

Timber is a natural product, wear and tear and weather exposure will have an effect on the final appearance.

Treatments are not warranted by the manufacturer or QTD and are therefore not liable for returning the timber to

the appearance it had when first installed. Timber that has been previously painted or stained can sometimes

prove difficult to remove completely if it has been on for a long time. In this situation QTD cannot be held

responsible for the end result.

Material & Product Defects

In the event that a material and or product defect is discovered that cannot be rectified, rendering the entire piece

of material or product unusable by the customer, this must be reported to QTD in writing during the period of 24

hours from the date of delivery of the Goods, which defect was caused by faulty design or manufacture, QTD

will, at its option, either repair the Goods at its own expense, replace the Goods or refund the purchase price of

the Goods, subject in all cases to the return of the Goods (or such of them as it is claimed are defective) to QTD

by the Customer, at the Customer’s expense. Save as set out above, all warranties or other terms implied by

statute or otherwise shall not apply to this order, including but not limited to those implied by the Sale of Goods

Act 1979 (as amended by the Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994), the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982

and the Consumer Protection Act 1987 or its most updated version. Any offer made by QTD in good faith will be

taken up by the client no later than 30 days from the date the offer was made. QTD shall not be liable for any

consequential or indirect loss or injury suffered by the Customer or any third party in relation to this order and

the Customer shall indemnify QTD in respect of any claim of any person in respect of such consequential or

indirect loss or injury. This clause constitutes the entire liability of QTD under this order, which, in any event,

shall not exceed the contract price of the Goods, save in respect of QTD’s liability for death or personal injury

resulting from negligence.


No guarantee can be given that the natural timber goods delivered will exactly match samples submitted in all

material respects due to the goods being natural, including but not limited to colour, size, weight and cut, as

samples are drawn from bulk and are representative of the whole. Subject to the above, the goods are supplied on

the basis that they comply with the technical specifications contained in printed documentation concerning the

goods prepared by QTD and that they conform to the written descriptions contained in the order. The supply by

QTD of pre-grooved sides on deck boards for use with hidden deck fasteners is subject to stock availability at the

point of ordering. In the absence of pre-grooved boards QTD will always use a ‘biscuit jointer’ (an inexpensive

and readily available hand tool). QTD would recommend that customers who are installing decks do the same.

If the goods are manufactured to the design or specification of the Customer or the Customers agent, the goods

carry no undertaking or warranty of any kind save that they will comply with the design or specification in all

material respects.

Material/Order Storage

Whilst QTD offer free storage of completed, packed and ready to deliver orders to help the customer if they are

unable to take delivery immediately when it is ready, this will be limited to a period of 7 days unless otherwise

agreed. If a customer has not paid any outstanding monies due by the time the order is ready to be delivered, then

QTD reserves the right to charge £100 per week for storing the order until all outstanding monies have been paid.

The option of storing orders in our warehouse is not possible due to space. The order will therefore be kept

outside cling film wrapped up. However, QTD cannot accept any liability should there be any water ingress into

the pack that may affect the timber during its storage.


1. Pre-Dispatch Inspection and Packing:

• All QTD products are photographed before dispatch, whether delivered by a QTD vehicle or by courier.

• Products are properly packed onto a pallet, protected, and secured on pallets using straps with a 1500kg

breaking strain to minimize potential transit damage.

2. Damaged Items:

• If an item arrives damaged, rendering it unfit for its intended purpose, please notify QTD immediately and

provide photographic evidence of the item in its original, damaged packaging.

• Subject to Clause: Material & Product Defects, QTD will not be liable for the damage. However, at its

discretion, QTD may offer a replacement for the damaged item.

3. Timber Products:

• Due to the nature of timber, some minor imperfections like board end chips, scratches, and scuffs may occur

during manual handling or unloading by the customer or contractor using a telehandler.• While these imperfections

may be inconvenient, they are considered acceptable for timber products that will typically be trimmed and cut to size

during a project. As recommended, a trimming allowance of up to 10% should be factored into your order to account

for these potential variations.

4. Offloading Requirements:

• Because of the weight, size and value of timber products, all deliveries to project sites must have at a


o A hired telehandler/forklift on-site for safe offloading.

o Alternatively, two to three people are available to carefully unload the materials.

5. Delivery Time Limits:

• Delivery vehicles and drivers have a designated standing time of 45 minutes.

• If, due to a lack of prior planning or insufficient resources at the delivery site, the driver is delayed beyond 45

minutes, an additional waiting time charge will be applied by the delivery company.

If the pallet of material is unloaded at its destination by Telehandler and it remains unopened for more than 2

days then QTD cannot accept any liability for possible water ingress or weather changes that may or may not

affect the timber whilst it is cling film wrapped and as stated in Material & Product Defects paragraph, any issues

must be reported in writing within 24 hours of delivery.

If for any reason outside of QTD’s immediate control, there are delays on delivery of material to the customer

that fall outside of the approximate lead times given at the time of order, due to raw material availability or

customs border control checks, QTD cannot be held responsible and will not accept any liability.


Qbriquettes is a trading name for our natural wood waste product and sold by QTD Ltd.

The description of the product can be seen online and on our website. The contents of which are clearly labelled

and sold by weight. The number of Qbriquettes in each box may vary according to the total weight of each box

which will not exceed 10kg. Therefore, the number of briquettes can only be approximate but not less than 80.

Purchasing online or in person, the price includes 5% Vat. Payment is taken and receipt provided prior to

delivery or collection of goods. Delivery of Goods by courier are charged based on weight at the time of


Delivery of the Goods will be made to the Buyer’s address. Standard delivery is 2-3 days from dispatch to the

buyer’s address. It is the responsibility of the buyer to plan for receiving the goods if they are not available. The

Seller will endeavour to dispatch the Goods on an agreed delivery date but does not guarantee to do so. Time of

delivery does not form any part of the contract. The seller QTD Ltd does not accept any liability for loss or

damage once the goods have been dispatched. Due to the nature of the product the Buyer cannot reject the goods

once purchased and claim a refund. Risk and ownership of the product passes to the buyer on delivery of the

goods to the buyer’s address.


Once a marketing discount has been offered and accepted by the customer on their order, QTD’s assigned

photographer may visit the completed project to take exterior photos and videos, solely for use on their social

media and website. Should the customer later refuse QTD permission to carry out the above, then QTD reserves

the right as a breach of contract to invoice for the agreed discounted sum to be paid back to QTD.

Website Liability

The website is provided by QTD Ltd without any warranties or guarantees. You must bear the

risks associated with the use of the Internet. The website herein referred to as provide content and

resources and while tries to ensure that material included on the website is correct,

reputable and of high quality, it cannot accept responsibility if this is not the case. will not be

responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information or for any

technical problems you may experience with the website. If is informed of any

inaccuracies in the material on these websites, we will attempt to correct the inaccuracies as soon as we

reasonably can. In particular, we disclaim all liabilities in connection with the following:

· Incompatibility of the website with any of your equipment, software, or telecom links.

· Technical problems including errors or interruptions of the website.

· Unsuitability, unreliability, or inaccuracy of the website.

· Inadequacy of the website to meet your requirements.

To the full extent allowed by applicable law, you agree that we will not be liable to you/or any third party for any

consequential or incidental damages (including but not limited to loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of

anticipated savings, wasted expenditure, loss of privacy and loss of data) or any other indirect, special, or

punitive damages whatsoever that arise out of or are related to the QTD websites.

Nothing in this paragraph applies to QTD websites liability in respect of products sold through the Online Stores.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude QTD websites liability for personal injury or death caused

by its negligence. Our acceptance of an order takes place at the point of order, and the purchase contract is made,

and you are charged for your order.


By notifying QTD of its intention to do business and payment of deposit, a client is deemed to be bound by these

terms and conditions of business. QTD reserves the right to take and keep a photographic/video record of each

project and its supply of materials for its own marketing purposes and to update its terms of business in line with

market changes without prejudice. These terms and conditions of business supersede any previous terms and

conditions of business and shall be governed by English Law.

Delivery Terms and Conditions
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