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Interior Cladding Inspiration

Timber cladding is not just limited to the exterior of your property, there are many uses for the material inside of your home or development too! Such as bringing an old wall to life, creating a feature, or fashioning a bespoke ceiling design.

Our ThermoWoods add warmth to any room, are easily adaptable and can be finished in a variety of ways from charred to painted and brushed finishes. You can select whatever cladding species you desire since all of our ThermoWoods are extremely durable with low moisture content. Unlike our ThermoWoods, un-modified timber's moisture contents are generally high, and internal moisture collected can cause the material to swell and crack. This problem will not occur with our ThermoWoods since they embody a low moisture content of around 7%.

Interior cladding is a growing trend, known for adding character to spaces that lack personality as well as improving insulation and creating beautiful results. Here are some interior cladding design ideas to spark inspiration into your design plans!

Create a feature wall

Make your room stand out with a timber feature wall, offering a contrast against monotone accents and features, bringing nature into the home, providing you with relief from urban life and the ever-growing saturation of technology in our everyday routines.

This project used our ThermoWood Ash cladding boards, a durable, strong timber with a beautiful wave-like grain structure to achieve this stunning feature wall.

Fill your room with timber

Do people still really believe that less is more?

With our ThermoWood cladding, this is not always the case! Fill your room with interior cladding to add texture and added insulation, as well as a natural touch! This look can be replicated using our ThermoWood Iroko cladding, a honey-coloured, calming timber with a lifespan of 30+ years.

Make your ceiling stand out

Don’t want to add cladding to your interior walls but still longing to add a bit of character to your living space? How about cladding your ceiling?

This unique trend is making waves in 2021 and is certainly here to stay. Adding a Scandi inspired style to your modern build will bring your room to life, add personality and make you stand out!

Try our ThermoWood Ash cladding to replicate this innovative trend.

Bring an old wall to life

Bored of the same old style? Fed up with bland colour schemes? Get ahead of the crowd and capitalise on the growing trend of creating a headboard from timber now! Creating a calming space where you can relax and be at one with nature, in the comfort of your bed (a dream come true). Using our ThermoWood Ayous, this design can be easily reinforced.

Your To-Do List

With any project, there are always things to consider such as the best material for your design, and the added extras you may need to ensure that there are no bumps in the road! We’ve picked out the three main things that you should consider before installing your interior cladding.

1. Pick your material It is so important to select a material that reflects your design desires and tastes. If the inspo above isn’t enough to spark some inspiration, browse our ThermoWood range here to get your creative juices flowing.

Consider the colour, stain and texture that you desire. We can accommodate your preferences through our Natural, ThermoChar® and AtelierClad® ranges.

2. Prepare your surfaces You will need to ensure that your wall surfaces are sound and not flaking away. Take up your skirting boards, remove radiators and wallpaper as well as any other wall features to ensure that you have a clear and clean area to fit your cladding battens to. It is also important to ensure your cladding won’t interfere with electrics and plumbing.

3. Attach cladding battens When installing cladding, your battens need to be laid at a 90-degree angle to the boards and screwed securely into place. It is important to ensure that everything is even and aligned. We can’t wait to see how your interior cladding projects turn out! Any advice that you may require, we are always happy to help! Call our Sales team on 0118 373 2211 to discuss your ideas!

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