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Summer 2021 Trends: Interior and Exterior

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, our living spaces have transformed from a base to hang out in after being out and about all day to a space of refuge and sanctuary, offering comfort in uncertain, challenging times. This has led to people adapting their living spaces to become more in-tune with nature as well as creating spaces for different activities like working from home. We have compiled a list of some of the hottest trends for Summer 2021 which you can begin implementing into your indoor and outdoor living spaces today.

Fire Pits

Fire is a popular, natural design choice and feature. Taking the form of fire pits, chimeneas, fire tables, BBQs, the options are endless and there is something suitable for any budget. As the summer nights draw in, it’s time to reconnect with friends and family over a glass of champagne or a bottle of beer, and what better way to socialise than around a warm, cosy fire pit! As humans, we’re naturally drawn to the look, sounds and feel of being around a fire pit. The last few years have seen rapid growth in the number of fire features incorporated into gardens.

You can create the perfect boho Pinterest moment in your garden with our 100% natural ThermoWood decking, channelling a timeless vibe with 30+ years of durability, or our AtelierDeck® Brushed Grain decking which oozes sultry chic with minimal maintenance and highly fire-resistant properties.

Eco-Conscious Design

The ever-growing consciousness surrounding the fragility of our planet is making its way into our homes more frequently than ever before. People are making more environmentally-friendly conscious choices when shopping for groceries, household products as well as clothes and home accessories and features. Instead of using harmful chemicals and non-recyclable materials to make their house a home, people are opting for more natural, biodegradable products which will add an element of nature inside their homes. For example, our ThermoWood cladding has been used to create feature walls and add accents to living spaces. This material is 100% recyclable and natural. The ThermoWood process does not use any harmful chemicals and increases the materials’ durability to 30+ years, ensuring you get the most out of your natural material.


Image: Valikko

2021 has been classed as the ‘Year of the Pergola’ by design experts at Houzz, an outdoor paradises’ favourite feature. Creating an inviting outdoor space as well as an immediate way to add shade from the sun. Pergolas offer a comfortable and stylish entertainment area, with robust structures protecting against the unpredictable British weather making it a perfect indoor-outdoor living addition to your garden this summer! Shade your outdoor kitchen or bar area or create a garden snug come rain or shine! Recreate these inspo pics with our ThermoWood and ThermoChar® ranges from Knotty Pine to Tulipwood.

Outdoor Planters

Image: ThermoWood Ash

Outdoor planters are a fun and stylish way to add depth and personality to your outdoor space, bringing even more life to your plants. Our planters can be fashioned from our natural ThermoWood products as well as our Millboard composite range. With a wide range of finishes and materials to choose from, we can make your planters to order. Adding the perfect touch to your garden.

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