Accessorising with our 3D Wall Panels

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

3D Wall Panels came and went as a huge trend in the 1970s, but now they are back and here to stay! This generation of 3D Wall Panels fashioned from our bespoke, high-quality ThermoWood Ash hardwood incorporates stylish and artistic patterns. Incorporating a sculptural and modernistic feel to any element of your living space. Current consumer trends speculate that people are looking for statement pieces to embellish their homes, preferably made from sustainable, natural materials. As the focus on being more sustainable and environmentally friendly is ever-growing. Our 3D Wall Panels definitely cater to this growing phenomenon. Production processing offcuts are utilised and re-profiled to create these beautiful designs so that at least 95% of the material is used and not wasted.

With more and more of the population spending an increasing amount of time indoors, there is a growing importance of wanting to feel connected to the external environment. This can be done through our ThermoWood 3D Wall Panel range offering natural finishes as well as charred panels, by bringing nature’s beauty into the interior of their homes. This hardwood also emits a very subtle sweet smell that is very appealing.

These panels allow you to embellish your interior walls and ceilings with endless options for placements and artistic styles. We have outlined some creative ways to incorporate our bespoke ThermoWood engineered 3D Wall Panels into your home. Every unique panel is made from 100% natural solid wood, offering a 30-year lifespan. With easy application, you can apply these panels anywhere in your home as a simple DIY task!

Create your own home cinema

Our 3D Wall Panels will absorb noise instead of allowing it to bounce off the walls, now would be the perfect time to set up that home cinema you’ve been dreaming about! Even if you don’t have room for a separate television room, you could add these panels to your living room. Allowing that surround sound to really encapsulate you in the latest David Attenborough documentary or Marvel film. Whatever your taste we have a panel style to suit you. Our eccentric Gaya tiles would look great in any room, with a variety of wood pieces and tones, making a statement and blending this into your home should not be a hard task!

If you're planning on creating a darker, monochromatic home cinema, we would recommend our ThermoChar® 3D Wall Panels, to add a textured, charred appeal to your space.


(Gaya Charred)

Accessorise your bedroom

A 3D wall feature behind your bed can create a unique, supersize headboard. Your friends and family will be jealous of your artistic flair in the bedroom! Your choice of bespoke patterns will be sure to stand out, but in turn also allow you to relax with the earthy tones and warmth emitted from these ThermoWood panels surrounding you. The Thiva profile would create stunning accents around your bed.


Add art to your staircase

Adding a 3D Wall panel to your staircase will instantly transform the space into an interesting, artistic area which adds drama without being too over-the-top if that is not your style. This alleviates the need for busy artworks and lifts the area on its own. A Deco or Imera style is sure to wow!