Accessorising with Bull and Stein

Accessorising your home with Bull and Stein’s extravagant and vibrant fruit sculptures offers you a way to express your sense of style, artistic side, and bold personality. With a range of finishes, colours, and details available, you can choose the sculpture that represents you and your style.

Lisa Pappon, an artist and designer from vibrant Sao Paulo in Brazil, creates these beautiful, distinct ceramic sculptures to utilise people of all origins across the globe with a universally recognised symbol, using nature’s gifts such as clay, organic pigments, precious stones, gold or silver to create these beautiful works of art.

Bull and Stein have been creating beautiful ceramic sculptures for over 15 years, and if you also possess a passion for art and sculptures these ceramic sculptures would be great for you. Manufactured in Europe, South America, and Asia, you can obtain one of these beautiful sculptures wherever you are on the globe, bringing the world together with a shared love for vibrance and natures gifts to us.

Graffiti Collection

Designed by graffiti artist Bruno Jorge Monteiro e Silva, these vibrant, urban themed sculptures convey the explosion and disruptive impact of graffiti in any area. An urban artform used to vibrantly transform spaces. These sculptures are frost proof, finished with a transparent varnish, allowing you to place this beautiful sculpture inside or outside. We think these sculptures look great at the front of your property, making a statement to anyone who pulls up or passes by.

Crackled Glass

These transparent, hand-blown crackled sculptures, paired with a natural wood stem, offer an element of class and extravagance to your project. Paired with our ThermoChar® range, these subtle, warm sculptures would look great contrasting against the bold, dark tones of our charred cladding.

Brilliant Glazed

These realistic, supersize ceramic fruit sculptures can be placed inside or outside of your development. With a natural wood stem, these vibrant artworks are sure to stand out in any setting. Paired with our AtelierClad® range in our Bahama composition, a beautiful contrast is sure to be obtained. If considering accessorising your interior, these glazed fruits will look great with our ThermoWood Engineered Hardwood flooring in a 1277 or 630 shade, allowing the light accents of the flooring to beautifully contrast against the bold colours of these statement pieces.

Velvet Matte

Bull and Stein’s velvet matte sculptures look soft enough to eat! The extravagant and bold colours look great contrasted against any subtle setting. Used to accessorise indoors or outdoors with a Frostproof guarantee. You can choose from a ceramic or fibre-resin base, as well as choosing between a natural wood or foundry bronze stem, to perfectly suit your personal style, in addition to a range of colours from eclectic blue to a magenta pink.

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