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Thiva 3D Wall Panels

Thiva 3D Wall Panels


3D Wall Panels provide three-dimensional relief, bringing dynamic progression, tactility and acoustic warmth to spaces. They give your home a unique design and exquisite look using high quality solid hardwood.

3D Wall panel covering products are very easy to apply and will add value to your interior walls or ceilings with 8 patterns and wood options.


Pack Contents
Each panel measures 300 x 300mm and there are 11 panels in a box to cover an area 1m2. Every unique panel is made from solid wood and stuck to a fine mesh grid in the same way as mosaic bathroom tiles are supplied.

  • Installation

    Each panel is simply stuck onto a clean and dry surface butting up each panel to the next with a suitable wood adhesive to produce a stunning wall feature.

    To fill in small spaces simply turn the panel over and score the mesh with a sharp knife. Further fine trimming can be done with a trim saw or jigsaw and cleaning the cut edges with a piece of sandpaper.

  • Where to use them

    Suitable for both interior and exterior use. 

    The options are endless, e.g. A section or complete wall behind your bed, TV surround, Stair walls or any feature wall residential or commercial to break up large wall spaces.

  • Sound insulation properties

    These are excellent for use in a music room or areas where you wish to reduce sound travel as the panels will absorb noise instead of it bouncing off walls. Typical areas are painted walls and tiled floors.

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