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5 Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

1: Open Living Spaces

After being holed-up in our houses for the majority of 2020 and being forced to make extra space for gyms and home offices, 2021 is the year of open and inclusive spaces. Allowing you to create open –planned, fluid conversions from one social space to another. With a focus on relaxation and shutting off, natural materials will be used to create a harmonious, fluid living space, specifically through kitchens and living areas. Improving the use of spaces and offering a flexible option for entertaining, exercising, working as well as everyday tasks.

Look to our ThermoWood Engineered Hardwood Flooring as a source of inspiration for carrying the same designs and palette through to various rooms on one floor. Our material seamlessly compliments any style of furniture and colour choice, from our 1277 shade merging beautifully with neutral earthy tones, or our 1951 composition which contrasts beautifully with bold and vibrant finishing's and accessories.

2: Your Forever Home

When you buy a home, it is generally with the perception that this will be your forever home. Therefore it is important to take the time to evaluate your options and make careful decisions on your floors and walls. A growing trend is the focus on texture varieties. This is replicated through our 3D Thermally Modified Wall Panels. Available in a variety of patterns and compositions, these panels can be used to accessorise throughout your home, or to texturise a whole wall, to improve heat and sound insulation. These panels are extremely durable, with upwards of a 30-year lifespan, meaning this unique style is here to stay. This product also contributes positively to the trend of using natural and recyclable materials. Our 3D Wall Panels are made from our factory off-cuts, are natural and 100% recyclable.

3: Making Conscious Decisions

Year on year, we see an increase in the importance and commitment to sustainable development and conscious living choices. This has taken the construction and architectural industry by a storm. Customers are increasingly searching for products that are eco-friendly, recyclable and that ultimately don’t have a damaging impact on the environment. Luckily, here at QTD Ltd this has always been our top priority.

We want to give back to the environment that we take from and commit to sustainable development and environmentally friendly practices in everything we do. As you may have already seen, across our site, we offer a variety of environmentally friendly products, made from natural materials, and treated in a way in which our products do not end up in landfill when they reach the end of their lives. We have also committed to planting trees dedicated to our customers, to give back to our land and have joined the effort to becoming Net-Zero by 2050. This trend has largely influenced exterior design and architecture, with customers opting for designs that make them feel close to nature. In a world that is dominated by technology and artificial intelligence, it is important to take time to embrace our natural world.

Our ThermoWood cladding materials offer exactly this, made from natural materials, and thermally modified for a long lifespan, these natural materials perfectly compliment the natural environment and help occupants feel at one with nature.

4: The New Industrial Minimalism

2021 is the year of stripping back to basics, reconnecting with the outside world and popularising the use of minimalist, industrial styles inside and outside of the home. Asymmetrical forms have taken centre stage within the construction industry, alongside sharp lines and strict furnishings. Fashioned from the use of industrial materials such as iron and wood, these minimal, industrial-style projects are here to stay. With this trend comes a focus on quality and durable materials to withstand the changing decades. Our ThermoChar® range perfectly emulates the style of industrial architecture. With a rise in popularity of darker cladding options, this charred surface stands out to passers-by and creates a sleek, strict appearance.

Inside the home, the use of earthy tones to emit a minimalistic vibe is perfectly replicated by our ThermoWood Engineered Hardwood Flooring. Our muted shades offer a blank canvas for accessorising and furnishing indoor spaces.

5: Enjoying the Outdoors all Year Round

As aforementioned, 2021 is the year of connecting with the outdoors. Whether it is reconnecting in a social setting or taking the time out of your home office to breathe some natural, fresh air. The importance of ensuring outdoor spaces are suitable for use all year round is another prevalent trend for 2021.

Consumers are looking for solutions such as durable decking to ensure that they can entertain, relax, or even work in their outdoor spaces all year round. A focus on climate resistance is essential and is replicated through our ThermoWood decking, which has been treated to ensure that it can withstand harsh weather conditions and has been tested in a variety of climates over time, to ensure it remains in-tact all year round. Our ThermoWood decking collection boasts natural shades such as Ash and Iroko and our AtelierDeck® range promotes a variety of colours from blue tones in our Capri and Olivine compositions to Gold and Champagne styles. Perfect for any taste.

These trends are sure to gain more traction as the years go by, so be ahead of the game by taking these trends on board and making informed, industry-led decisions to start your next project, in the next steps to building your dream!

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