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Quality over Price

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

As Benjamin Franklin famously said: “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”. Ultimately meaning that with low price comes low quality, and this is often always going to disappoint you in the long run.

That is why, at QTD Ltd. we are passionate about quality, and offering this high quality to our customers at competitive prices. So that our customers are satisfied with the quality of their products for years to come, as well as satisfied with the value of the products, creating strong, long term relationships.

When searching for quality timber, you have probably come across cheaper alternatives providing of course, you are comparing APPLES with APPLES and not APPLES with PEARS or anything else for that matter.

After over 20 years in construction and starting out as builders purchasing timber materials, we too fell into this trap of purchasing based solely on price. We soon recognised that this was a problem. We began to wonder whether low prices were worth the risk of ultimately ending up with lower quality. We can tell you, if you want long lasting, satisfactory results, whether it is coming from your cladding, decking, or flooring, it is not worth the risk.

Who wants years of upkeep on their hands? Rotting wood and fading compositions? Not us, or our customers. We want to see minimal maintenance, bespoke quality, great colours, and compositions now and in the future.

Quality and Sustainability

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand since generally, if a product is long lasting, it is of a higher quality, compared to cheaper alternatives which could carry a range of chemicals and toxins and be more likely to end up in landfill sites across the world. Purchasing higher quality products have a range of benefits:

Economic benefits- purchasing a great quality product is likely to see a slightly more premium price. However, in the long run, this is sure to benefit you. Think of all the money you are saving by investing in a great quality product instead of having to rebuy the same low-quality product repeatedly. You will save money in the long run on our products as their durable lifespan takes you decades into the future. A good example of this would be the cheap fast-grown grooved softwood deckboards that are available every year. We have over the years replaced too many to mention that had a lifespan of 6 months to 5 years at best. All of which had to go into landfill due to the chemical preservative treatment that clearly did not do much in the way of preserving.

Environmental impact- generally, cheaper, lower quality products are made with more harmful materials and chemicals than bespoke, premium quality products. These can be harmful to the environment. By purchasing a higher quality product from QTD Ltd. you can ensure that your product is 100% recyclable and made from sustainably sourced materials.

All of our products offer upwards of 25 years durability with minimal maintenance. Due to the thermally modified (ThermoWood) process that nearly all of our products go through, all of the natural resins and sugars are extracted from the timber. Meaning the wood is less susceptible to rotting, fungal growth and decay usually caused by insects (it’s their food source) and damp weather conditions. Our products are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, meaning your impact on the environment is minimal. Helping you feel guilt free about your high-quality, bespoke purchase.

Our timbers are also 30% more fire resistant than regular wood, offering a Class B certification. Meaning that unlike other wood products, your product will keep you safe. Our ThermoWood's can also be UV resistant to fading within the UK climate, and with minimal timber expansion and contraction, your wood will stay stable over time and not move.

Our composite materials are also just as durable, replicating the look and feel of real timber with a textured brushed grain surface, available in a variety of colours. This material is resistant to flaking, cracking, and peeling. Meaning, like our other products, you will have stunning results for years to come.

The most important question to take away from this is: What does quality mean to you?

If the answer is long lasting, durable, stable, beautiful products with minimal upkeep and maintenance, that are not susceptible to deterioration over a short space of time and are friendly to the environment, QTD Ltd.'s products are for you.

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