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Home Decor Ideas

The final layer of your build and design project is accessorising it. This is the part where you get to add personal touches and shopping for smaller items can give you that immediate high and satisfaction that you may have lacked when making those higher-value purchase decisions.

Accessorising is an art and it can be easy to overdo it. It is vital to consider every detail and sometimes just select one-star piece that you want to shine. Focus on your favourites and be selective with accessories, creating artful displays from carefully curated assortments of art, souvenirs, vintage accents and one-of-a-kind accessories.

Below, we have outlined a few ideas for inspiration when you are deciding on how to accessorise your home, ranging from low cost to high-value additions, there is something for everyone!

Candle Holders

Candlelight is representative of many things: relaxation and romance as well as peace and serenity. They are an easy and elegant way to accessorise any room. Especially with our ThermoChar® candle holders, finished with gold detailing. These holders are a great way to add texture to any surface. You can place our candle holders in the kitchen to create a romantic dinner setting, or in your bathroom to allow you to relax and unwind after a hard day to help you relax and dream of that long-awaited spa day. Set the mood with our ThermoChar® candle holders, bringing character and warmth to your space.


Clocks have always been an essential part of our home décor. They add brilliance when matched well with the interiors of your property. They remain an inexpensive way to enhance the décor of any room and is the simplest yet decorative piece which can add more meaning and character to any room.

A solo wall clock in a kitchen or living room can liven up your space and act as an attractive centrepiece for any room. Wall Clocks offer much more than the obvious. They also make an extravagant and stunningly beautiful addition to any home.

Wall Art

Wall art is a great way to accessorise your home and add your personal touch to the space. Our 3D Wall Panels in a natural or charred finish are a must when creating a stylish home. Wall art is a classic way of adding or setting a theme to any room. Consider something that is unconventional like our 3D Wall Panels to make the room truly your own.

Phone Holders

Phone holders are a great way to keep your phone out of your hands and also keep it safe and clean. It can be exhausting holding your phone in your hand all the time, especially when you want to watch a film in bed, so we have created a solution for you! Simply place your phone on our Atelier® mobile phone stand and alleviate that arm ache!

They’re great for when you are working on multiple projects and want to see more than one screen at once, such as joining a video call and working on a presentation at the same time. De-clutter your WFH desk and have your phone in one spot all the time. Then you won't panic about losing it when you have an important call, under piles of paperwork. This also improves productivity. It is so important to not be looking at your phone 24/7. Our mobile phone stand will keep your phone offside and out of mind so that you’re able to focus on that all-important product deadline that may be looming.

You can also utilise our Atelier® mobile phone stand when cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Watch your favourite show or follow a recipe without getting food on your screen or soap suds everywhere!

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