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How To Create Fin-Style Cladding

Some of our most popular projects have incorporated fin-style cladding. This unique finish adds texture to your façade as well as an element of uniqueness to your design. Looking for inspiration or decided on fin-style cladding for your renovation? Read on to find out how to install this look.

It is easier than you think!

ThermoChar® Ash (Heavy)

You really can be creative when having fin-style cladding on your building. You can experiment with widths, lengths and different placements. Your facing boards can either be a consistent width or a variable width, depending on how adventurous you want to be.

The board that projects out (the fin) at a 90-degree angle is pre-screwed to the side of the facing board. Creating an L-shape. This board can also be a consistent width or varying for maximum effect and texture. By using two, three or four widths you can create a very eye-catching wave effect.

There are two fixing options available to consider. The first being a face-fixing through the facing board, with small finishing head stainless steel screws. We would not recommend butting the L-sections together. Instead, leave a 2-3mm gap between each one to allow the material to breathe in the UK’s variable climate.

The second option is to use our Invizifix® clips which lock into the pre-grooved side of the facing board. The projecting fin can then be clotted using a biscuit joiner to take the clip on the opposite side of the L.

You can create a fin-style look with any of our cladding materials. Our natural boards can be maintained with our Messmers Oil to maintain its natural colour or they can weather to an attractive silver-grey patina. You can also use our ThermoChar® range like the examples here, or our colourful AtelierClad® range. The choice is yours.

If you don’t have plans to clad the façade of your property, why not consider creating an L-shape feature wall either internally or externally. The design options are endless.

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