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INVIZIFIX® Hidden Deck Fasteners Pack

INVIZIFIX® Hidden Deck Fasteners Pack


Our Clip is one of very few clips in the Decking market designed to provide the following advantages:


– Specifically designed for Hardwoods and Composites.
– Allows for expansion & contraction on the width of deckboards.
– No Screws showing on the surface of the deck.
– Spacing of deckboards is automatically pre-set.
– Eliminates pre-drilling of screw holes into Hardwoods.
– Fasteners are made from heavy duty Black Polypropylene
– They have the highest melting point (160 Degrees C) to other plastics and are resistant to UV, salt, moisture, oil, insects, most acids and chemicals.
– Plus, if for any reason you need to remove or replace a board in the middle of the deck you can do so with ease.


– 180 fasteners (Black)
– 200 A2 Stainless Steel Screws (Small Black Head) 4.5mm x 60mm
– 1 Torx 15 drive bit

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