Messmers UV Plus Oil for Cladding & Decking (3.78L)

Messmers UV Plus Oil for Cladding & Decking (3.78L)


Messmer’s UV Plus is a premium natural wood finish and deck stain that is specially formulated to penetrate the wood’s surface to enhance the natural beauty and with its unique UV inhibitors, helps retain the timbers colour. This product has excellent resistance to UV degradation.


– You will need to clean your deck with a cleaner first (QTD suggest Prepdeck)
– Application can be either with a cloth or sponge.
– Ideal for all Softwoods & Hardwoods
– Mildew resistant coating
– Coverage per tin on new timber is approx. 42m2 (Only £1.60 ex VAT per m2)


Please Note: Any surplus or puddling on the surface needs to be removed before the oil dries to avoid it becoming tacky.


Messmers UV Plus Hardwood Oil is used on all QTD’s projects due to its superior performance over other oils.

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