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9 Examples of Charred Cladding Done Right

If you are looking for some charred cladding inspiration for your next project you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of our favourite ThermoChar® projects which have incorporated our range into unique and bespoke designs. Have a browse through and let us know what ones are your favourite!

1. A garden studio built to impress! This unique structure has been beautifully clad with our ThermoChar® Ash (Heavy), creating a divergence between the bold material and the greenery throughout the garden space.

2. To ThermoChar® or not. This customer definitely said yes. Having tested several other charred materials. Ours was the only one that stayed in tacked which was important because our ThermoChar® Ash (Heavy) Hardwood covered the entire roof and vertical elevations on the converted barn project. This was a pioneering project with possibly the first rain screen roof to be clad like this.

3. This house is a Victorian large single-family dwelling situated in Hackney. The building had fallen into a state of disrepair and was in need of full refurbishment. Works included a loft, rear, and side infill extension. A set of living spaces at lower ground floor level were used as additional accommodation for visiting family, it was important for these to be connected to the main house above. The design response looked to introduce a courtyard within the plan of the living spaces to help articulate a relationship between the existing house and the new architecture. Full height windows slide back behind slatted ThermoChar® Ash Cladding in a 'Hit and Miss' style. The charring process makes the boards far more fire-resistant and these days the primary use is for aesthetics and improved performance in exterior applications.

4. It is nice to see such a bold characteristic blend beautifully with a historic building. Our ThermoChar® Ash (Heavy) cladding allows the property to seamlessly extend into the open living space of the new extension without hindering the original aspects of the property. Maintaining classic brickwork whilst incorporating a more modern style of cladding. This property built in the 1700’s will now come with added durability as our ThermoChar® cladding offers over three decades of lifespan, alongside being 100% recyclable, meaning you will not run into sustainability issues in the long term.

5. We are obsessed with the eclectic vibe of this extension by KJC Architects. The contrast of our ThermoChar® Tiger Lite cladding against a sleek steel black frame offers a modern industrial look, a perfect addition of space to your property! Our Messmers UV Plus oil will maintain the stunning look of this extension against natural weathering for years to come!

6. Another stunning result achieved using our ThermoChar® Knotty Pine (Heavy). Offering a textured appearance to this sleek, modern home. Creating a contrast between the steel accents and natural material of our charred ThermoWood.

7. You can definitely see why our ThermoChar® Ash (Heavy) is so popular! No matter what setting or additional materials are present, this range always takes centre stage! A complete showstopper within this project, designed by Nicholas Kirk Architects. We have to say, we’re very jealous of the occupants!

8. ThermoChar® Ash (Medium), proved to be a perfect choice of material for this project, creating a bespoke door, offering a unique appeal to this dwelling!

9. This beautiful housing development (by Stateside Developments) features our ThermoChar® Ash Cladding (Medium). Each property in this development is unique in its design, incorporating modern interpretations of rural farm buildings, alongside open plan living and courtyard gardens.

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