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Ordering your Cladding

Thinking about using timber cladding for your next project or renovation? Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered!

AtelierClad® Samples

Your Samples

Many people ask us if their timber sample will be the same as the material they end up purchasing. In short, any timber samples that you request will be offcuts of the material that you will receive when you place your order. However, it is important to bear in mind that since timber is a natural material, the grain structure and colouring can vary in some cases. This is because every natural board is different.

If you picture it this way, any tree that is cut down is different to the tree next to it. So, with a natural product, you have to consider this. In comparison to a man-made, manufactured composite sample should look the same as the product you eventually receive.

You can request your FREE samples here.

Timber cladding for high exposure areas

All of the cladding materials that we supply at QTD are more than adequate for installation on any side of a building. The height and exposure to the elements does not matter or affect the durability of the timber. That is the beauty of thermally-modified timber, since it is so stable and durable, meaning the material can withstand the fluctuations in the UK climate.

In our case, there is no issue regarding exposure and durability. The only thing you will notice is that south-facing elevations will weather quicker than north-facing if you do not apply oil to the natural timber.

Do ThermoWood’s come with a guarantee?

Since our ThermoWoods are a natural product, the timber does not come with a guarantee, unlike man-made products which are manufactured in a factory.

Cladding board widths

Traditionally, customers would order their cladding at the same width, and fit in one direction. However, with modern technology and certainly with stable boards now, we advise that our customers look at how different board widths can enhance the visual appearance of the project. Some customers opt to keep the same profile throughout their façade but can alternate between widths.

For example, using a 90mm board, then a 130mm wide bard and 150mm wide boards, creating texture. With our stable timbers’, you can think outside of the box.

Suitable areas for timber cladding

Cladding can be used in any particular circumstance. Whether you’ve got a garden studio or want to clad the side of your house, or even want to build or renovate a commercial build. Cladding can be used in any setting, even internally. It is all down to the quality of the material that you’re using, as to how long it will last.

Have a project in mind, or still got some questions? Call 0118 373 2211 to discuss, we’re always happy to help!

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