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What Your Choice of Cladding Material Says About You

You’ve chosen what material you want for your renovation, whether applied externally or internally, you’ve made a choice that is right for you and reflects your true self.

But what do we at QTD Ltd think your choice of cladding material says about you?

You appreciate the finer things in life, you care about the environment and want to introduce nature into your home. You often make smart investments. This is why you have opted for our ThermoWood range, your material will have natural durability of over 30 years, will not rot, warp or cup and will also introduce added sound and heat insulation into your home. Your house is probably full of plants, your garden well maintained and is your haven for relaxation. A sustainability supporter of the future!

You're eclectic modern and stylish, you’re not afraid to take risks and stand out, you quite possibly spend your free time scrolling through Pinterest for project inspo or attending renovation shows for ideas! With minimalistic traits, you are driven and focussed on the next big thing, and coming home to your newly renovated dwelling helps to put your busy mind at ease. You want to introduce nature into your home but with a twist, because you’re unique! Your personal style is reflected in your choice of cladding material, and this definitely does not disappoint visitors!

You have a bold personality and want to bring more colour into your life, you want your property to look unique and stand out. Your life is busy, but one thing you won’t have to add to your ever-growing to-do list is maintaining your timber because our AtelierClad® is UV resistant so will not fade, no need to oil here! You are open-minded and have broad interests, usually in art, fashion or architecture. With a variety of tastes, you are quick to adapt to new surroundings so will always be making changes to your home, but one thing that will stay the same is your confident choice of AtelierClad®!

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