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Valeria Nascimento: Rainforest Project

Updated: May 7, 2021

This stunning, rainforest mobile installation was presented by Jaggedart at the Saatchi Gallery, London in 2018. QTD Ltd had the pleasure of working with talented artist: Valeria Nascimento, by providing our ThermoChar® (Medium Ash) cladding, incorporated into the installation, offering a contrast against the porcelain art-piece.

The project, arranged as a large hanging mobile, made up of thousands of tiny wafer-like, porcelain petals, flowers, seeds, and branches, contrasted beautifully with our ThermoChar® cladding. Exquisitely recreating the natural element’s that you would find in the rainforest. Connecting nature with art, just like QTD Ltd connect nature with architecture and interior and exterior design.

The artist, Valeria Nascimento says: "Rainforest is an immersive installation arranged as a large-scale mobile of approximately 10.000 handmade pieces such as petals, flowers, seeds and branches which hang from ceiling to floor, playing with shadows and the soothing sounds of porcelain. An assortment of organic forms is used to offer the impression of the rainforest, taking the viewer on a journey through different flora and peaceful scenery.

The whiteness of the piece contrasts the myriad of projected shadows, adding a new dimension to the installation. Some elements will gently move and vibrate, the soft touch of the porcelain emitting soothing sounds. A luscious, vibrant and exotic rainforest yet ethereal through the weightlessness of the white paper-like porcelain."

This collaboration is a shining example of how versatile cladding and timber products can be. You are able to incorporate QTD Ltd’s ThermoWood boards inside and outside, in a range of profiles, compositions, and bespoke lengths. The options are limitless. Watch this space for more ways that cladding and ThermoWood offcuts can be introduced into your home, gallery, or project!

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