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Different Ways You Can Use Timber

The shift in how we see timber used in our houses has changed due to the understanding and appreciation of the warmth, practicality, and sustainability this natural material can bring to our homes. We explore the various ways you can use timber and the endless possibilities of using it in beautiful ways on both floors and walls.

*The above image uses our ThermoChar range.

Give life to your exterior

Whether it be a new extension to your house or a complete build project, using exterior timber creates a contemporary finish while remaining in touch with nature. Using mixed lengths and placing the boards randomly creates a finish that will be completely bespoke to your house while experimenting with different width boards enables you to be as creative as you wish. The great thing about timber cladding is the options are endless from natural hardwood, softwood, painted, and charred, you can really create something that only you will ever have.

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Bring the outside in

If you have quite a large space with a good amount of light coming through why not try cladding the whole area? This will be sure to give you a Scandi Vibe which is trending and no doubt is here to stay. Using timber such as knotty pine stops the area from looking bland due to the different knot variations you will find on each board, adding pops of colour to your interior will balance things out nicely.

*All rights to the above image go to the relevant owners.

Focal Points

If you have a smaller area that you are looking to redecorate, cladding one wall can create a focal point without the timber being overwhelming. Depending on the colour scheme you already have in place, you can play with the different species of wood, if you wanted to go for a dark brown then ThermoWood Ash Hardwood cladding can provide this look, alternatively, British Grown Western Red Cedar is a great choice for a light toned timber.

*All rights to the above image goes to the relevant owners.


There has been a shift in how we choose to cover our floors. Once the majority of our houses would have been complete with carpet however now more and more people are opting for timber, deservedly so, due to its practicality to maintain and of course the aesthetics. A smooth profile would have to be used on flooring, but that does not mean you are stuck with one look. While you can opt for straight cladding boards to give a timeless finish you could also try a chevron pattern to add character in a room where you wish to keep the walls plain. Opting for a long or small chevron pattern, the effect will give you a completely different outcome.

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