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How to Create The Ultimate Scandi Vibes.

If you haven’t heard of Scandinavian interior design by now, you are in for a treat! The Scandinavian design focuses on neutral palettes, simple lines, and minimalism without forgetting elegant beauty.

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Scandinavian interior is all about cold colours meeting warmer and golden shades in a harmonic way while providing lots of colour combinations to explore. These tones fit great with wood and rustic textures. A raw palette that can both offer a warm base, or help bring out stronger contrasts. Using Timber as a focal point enables you to explore minimalism through décor as the material displays character.

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Our softwoods such as ThermoWood Scandinavian Pine and British Grown Larch cladding can be used to recreate these looks. Using a batten-style installation creates a linear effect that adds texture, dimension and rhythm to your interior forming a sense of movement. We recommend purchasing battens in an edge profile at 20x40mm to get the best result.

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The unique harmony of natural colours is often reflected in this particular style with wood flooring remaining uncovered and coloured interior cladding tones being used frequently in Scandinavian homes. This can be recreated by using our AtelierClad® range. And, of course, live plants are a popular choice to further capture the beauty of nature.

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The use of interior cladding helps to give your home a warm and cozy feel which is what the Scandinavian design embodies to ensure the space feels open and fresh.

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