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How to Create the Perfect, at Home Work Space.

Raise a hand (virtually) if you can now work from home? I bet a lot more hands are raised now than they were in pre-Covid times. These past couple of years have seen an increase in flexible working or working from home permanently, but how can you stay focused and motivated when Netflix, laundry, and the sofa are calling you!?

Your environment plays a huge part in your mental and physical wellness and often a square boxy room can feel quite clinical which can decrease your motivation to start working. Timber is a natural and sustainable material that exudes a lovely aroma and will allow you to get your creative juices flowing while working from home as well as improving your mood and even reducing your stress levels.

The above project incorporated our ThermoWood Hardwood Iroko cladding which created warmth, depth, and feature to the interior. You can even create accessories like wooden chopping boards with the offcuts! Interior cladding has seen a huge increase in popularity due to its aesthetics and maintenance as it is a lot easier to keep clean compared to wallpaper or paint and can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit a range of different rooms layouts. Panelling is a relatively inexpensive way to add character and give your space a more architecturally interesting shape.

*Our ThermoWood Hardwood Iroko was used in the above project.

The world really is your oyster when it comes to wall panelling. With our AtelierClad® range, you can go bold or subtle with various colour shades. This works to create a real focal point with vast amounts of texture. It has been said that blue is a great colour to help calm the mind and aid concentration which sounds fitting for an at-home workspace.

*All rights to the above images go to the relevant owners.

3D wall panels are another way to create dimension to a feature wall in your workspace. At QTD we have a variety of different 3D wall panels such as our ThermoWood, Atelier, and ThermoChar range. The beauty of our 3D wall panels is that they can match any décor theme.

*Our 3D wall panels were used in the above image.

Or if you have space in your garden for it, why not create yourself a timber-clad workspace that is situated outside to really immerse yourself in the benefits the natural environment offers. We saw a huge increase in garden outbuildings over the pandemic and it seems like they are here to stay!

*Our ThermoChar® range was used in the above image.

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