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Your End of Summer Barbeque Shopping List

The end of summer is near but there is still time to squeeze in one last barbeque before the sun starts to fade! When planning your one last hurrah it is important to get it right, ensuring you have all the essentials ticked off to kick it off!


No summer barbeque is complete without burgers! The staple barbeque food you simply cannot go without!

Any type of burger will do, stock up on your favourite quarter pounders from your local butcher or satisfy your vegan guests with a classic Beyond Beef burger to get their tastebuds tingling!

Veg, veg and more veg!

Keep your BBQ light with your favourite summer greens! There are endless options for salads and skewers which will wow your guests! Feeling fancy? How about a duck and orange salad? Or you could go traditional with a potato salad 😍.

Beers and Cocktails

No barbeque is complete without beer and cocktails (or mocktails if you prefer) so get your favourite beers in, mix up your best Pimms or relax with a virgin Mojito in the sun whilst the chef gets started on the cooking!

A Light Snack

Something to snack on is vital, stock up on chips and dips or get creative by making your own tortilla chips as an appetiser before the main event or something to pick on after the main event!


Your fifth and final essential is something to light your barbeque! Because obviously, you can't have a barbeque without fuel! Our QBriquettes™ are the perfect option. Emitting a clean, steady flame and heat which is much more environmentally friendly than coal briquettes and does not emit the harmful chemicals that coal lets off.

You can also use our QBriquettes™ to light your chimenea or fire pit as the sun begins to set, gather around with your beers, cocktails and mocktails and toast some marshmallows to end a great day!

Shop our QBriquettes™ now and get buy one get one free when you enter the code FUELMYFIRE at the checkout!

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