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UK Timber Prices 2023

Why Our Prices Are What They Are…

ThermoWood Timber Cladding & Decking Pricing Guide

This page has been created to ensure you have all the information you require to help you plan and budget for your project, in which we offer you honest and reliable information about our pricing.

Key Considerations:

01. The Species.

First, our prices will vary depending on the species of timber you choose. There are two main categories you can choose from, our Softwood timbers and our Hardwood timbers. So, what’s the difference between the two? Softwood Explanation Price Range (m2 Guide): £15.00 – £71.00 The growing cycle from planting to harvesting is much quicker compared to hardwoods hence one of the reasons the cost is lower. All UK grown softwood species like Larch, Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar are dense and durable enough to not require preservative treatment but they all have knots, these are generally tight knots as the material is select grade avoiding sapwood. The colours will vary between a cream to pinkish and light brown tones and the durability is around 25 years but will be shorter at 10-15 yrs for pressure treated sawn featheredge which is a lot cheaper and not graded. Stability is achieved by bringing down the moisture content to around 12-15% but is expected to have small movement in service. Thermally modified technology (high heat and steam process) is used on Pine which further increases durability but more importantly makes the timber extremely stable which in the UK climate is very important for the timber’s longevity. This technology does add a bit to the cost but the benefits in performance out way the extra cost. Hardwood Explanation Price Range (m2 Guide): £61.00 – £131.00 There are many species of Hardwood that are naturally resistant to rotting and due to their slow growing cycle are very dense and durable. The higher cost of hardwoods is because their yield is extremely important as they need to fully maximise every part of the tree to avoid unnecessary wastage. Lengths are supplied randomly for this reason from 1.2m up to 3.6m occasionally longer depending on species. We only use select clear grade, so they are virtually knot free. Our Hardwoods are also thermally modified which allows us to use non-Amazonian species. These include Ash, Tulip, Ayous, Frake and Iroko providing excellent stability and 30+ years durability. Grain, texture, and colouring vary widely from a honey brown to a dark brown.

02. The Dimensions.

Our costs will then depend on the length and width of the boards. We offer a variety of lengths from 1.2m up to 3.6m to choose from. Choosing mixed lengths boards is a great way to save costs as fixed-length boards have additional costs due to the difficulty in sourcing them. We have a whole blog on this topic here if you wish to discover more.

03. The Finishes.

You can find a variety of different finishes that we offer, to ensure you are able to create a cladding board perfect for you. Our finishes include the ThermoChar range and Atelier range, in which every board is completed by hand to ensure every board is done with due care and attention. These prices will range from £45-£120 per M2.

04. Maintenance and Delivery.

Another thing, you will get from us in every quote is our recommended specialised stainless screws that we get made specifically for our cladding and decking products. We are the only supplier of these screws in the UK because they have a 5mm head to reduce appearance and spiral and cut points for clearing and cutting through the timber. Now, you can choose not to buy these from us and get your own we leave that completely up to you. We also offer the UV Messmers Oil, Wax end sealer and touch up sealer for specific finishes. The Oil has high UV pigments to reduce the suns effects and maintain the look of your timber, the wax sealer which dries clear is painted onto all cut board ends to prevent end grain checking which can happen when timber tries to expel moisture too quickly. This can happen with all timber. The sealer is to touch up any parts that have been marked during installation. We add these products into the quote as we want to ensure you, or your builder have everything you need to fit your cladding and maintain it. You can of course remove these items at quote stage if not required.

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