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Utilising your Project Offcuts Externally

Recycling and reusing your product offcuts have many benefits since you are utilising all of your material and not wasting any, ensuring all material has a purpose. In addition to bringing an element of nature into your home, known to improve mood, purify the air and also improve sound and heat insulation (depending on how the offcuts are used). As well as this, by utilising your project offcuts you’re making something that is personal, which will always serve as a reminder of your project.

Got some material left over from your project? Why not turn them into something useful and personal for your garden?

Turn your offcuts into QBriquettes™!

If you don’t want to get your DIY hat on but still want to make use of your offcuts, you can always return them to QTD Ltd where the material will be turned into QBriquettes™ and we will send you a free box! An environmentally friendly way to light your fire, which is proven to be more effective than generic fire logs.

Build a birdhouse

Weclome Mother Nature into your garden with a birdhouse which can be easily fashioned from your offcuts by glueing, screwing or nailing your boards to create a box, in the shape of your choice. Add some bird feed and you’re sorted, ready for some birdwatching!

You can design your birdhouse however you like, experiment with different shapes and colours, or use these images as inspiration for your next project.

Reintroduce game nights with handmade dominos!

Simply cut up your offcuts into equal-sized domino-shaped counters and use the leftovers to fashion a box, either by glueing, nailing or screwing the parts together, leaving you with a handmade, bespoke set of dominos. Perfect for weekend camping trips, family game nights or for a spontaneous date night with your favourite takeaway!

Don’t forget to add the dots with paint or a marker pen!


Get creative and build some planters for your favourite summer flowers and vegetables! Keeping them off of the ground away from slugs and other pests, these planters are super easy to make using leftover boards to create the box, with thinner offcuts used to add some legs if you please! You can paint your planters your favourite colour or let the natural beauty of our ThermoWoods compositions shine through, blending beautifully with your cladding or decking.

There are so many ways you can use your offcuts to create something personal and bespoke! Adding an element of your latest project into other parts of your home, reminding you of how far you have come!

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