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QTD-FIREsafe Cladding Battens

QTD -FIREsafe Battens

Our quality battens, treated and graded according to the stringent BS-5534 standards, offer minimum tight knots and are machine regularised for consistent perfection.

For enhanced safety, our signature QTD-FIREsafe™ treatment can be applied upon your request. This protective coating ensures compliance with BS.EN. 13823 & BS. EN. 11925-2 Euroclass C standards for surface fire spread, and BS.EN. 13823 & BS.EN. 11925-2 Euroclass B standards for limited heat release.

Available Sizes:

  • 25mm x 38mm (length of 4.2m)

  • 25mm x 50mm (length of 4.2m)

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. We offer treatment options with standard preservatives or the additional QTD-FIREsafe™ as per your need.



If you are being asked by building control to have your cladding fire treated due to being within 1m of a neighbouring building or it is a requirement in your area. Then you should also be treating the cladding battens because these battens hold your cladding or roofing tiles onto your building. With a breather cavity behind your cladding then any fire that starts at the base can travel up the cavity like a chimney and set light to the battens. There is little point in going to the expense of fire treating your cladding if your battens then catch light and it all falls off.


Unfortunately this is what happened at Grenfell with the insulation behind the cladding catching fire and thus the cladding fell off.


We don’t want this to be repeated if it can be avoided.

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