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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Build A Deck In The UK?

If you are reading this blog, you have probably made the decision to have a decked area in your garden. You want somewhere where your friends and family can spend time together in the warmer months or a place for yourself to unwind in the long summer evenings. Not forgetting the fact that it will add up to 10% of the value of your home.

*The above image uses our ThermoWood Pine softwood decking.

Of course, your decked area will be used mainly in the spring/summertime, so this begs the question… when is the right time to install your decking? We believe installing your decking between January to March is the best time and here’s why.

Time To Plan

Making the decision to start planning your decking process in the winter allows you enough time to plan how you want your decking to look, whether you want to go for hardwood or softwood timbers, composite materials, or even a painted deck. We always suggest popping down to our showroom before deciding on what material to opt for. There are so many additions that can be added to your decking area as well, our customers have installed hot tubs and fire pits. Starting this process in winter gives you the optimal time to decide on what it is you want.

*The above image uses our ThermoWood Ash hardwood decking.

Beat The Rush

Carpenters or specialist deck builders book up fast, and it won’t take long for their schedules to become fully booked. These trades do not have several teams building different projects at the same time, so if a decking project is between 1-3 weeks in duration, then nobody else gets a deck built by that company. Meaning if you don’t organise a date to start your build in the winter months you may be left waiting until the summer is nearly over. This also gives you time to browse carpenters in your area and obtain a variety of quotes so you can find the best person to build your deck. Another important factor to note is that your timber and materials will come with a lead time. You don’t want to have scheduled a date with your builder to realise you haven’t considered the lead time for your chosen material. We know this would be disastrous for our customers, which is why QTD offers free storage holding, so you are able to order your material well in advance and know that it is being kept wrapped up and safe until you are ready for it.

*The above image uses our ThermoWood Iroko hardwood decking.

Have Your Decking Ready For The Spring/Summer

Installing your decking in the winter means the space will be completed to enjoy in the spring and summer months and even autumn subject to UK weather. Depending on the size of your area, the entire process of installing your decking can take up to 1 – 3 weeks. This gives you time to finalise the landscaping, add any finishing touches, or complete other garden projects before the summer months arrive. If you have a fire pit or an outdoor heating system this will also enable you to enjoy your decked area before summer arrives or once the season is over.

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