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AtelierDeck® Brushed-Grain Decking

Non-Slip BS7976 rated for Decking 

We launched our Atelier Brushed-Grain Decking in the summer of 2019, after 18 months of research and development. This gives our customers a textured brushed grain surface in a choice of 10 colours.

The Atelier collection can be machined in a wide range of profiles and widths which can provide a seamless transition between cladding and decking.

As you can appreciate, we are asked a lot of valid questions about our products so to help you, we have decided to answer the most popular questions below:

Is the Atelier Brushed-Grain Decking UV resistant?

Our Atelier Brushed-Grain Decking range has a two-stage UV resistant coating system with a washable surface. In effect, the coating system has been made flexible to accommodate any subtle movement in the timber.

This coating will also resist flaking, cracking and peeling, it is also Non-Flammable and has a low VOC, so it can be used internally and externally. Our sample panels have been walked over as doormats continuously with work boots for the past 18 months in our yard and the colour still remains.

Why should I consider colour coated decking? 

We often get asked this question and to be honest it’s not essential for improving the longevity of the timber, but it is a valid point.

In the past, the main reason that people painted their timber cladding was that they purchased lower quality softwood.

Then in order to help protect it and to prevent the UV sunlight from fading the timber to a dull grey with blackened knots, they would paint the boards mainly black.

An example of this can be seen on many barns and older style houses.

Is there any ongoing maintenance with the Atelier Brushed-Grain Decking?

Nowadays, advances in technology on timber and paint production have moved. So, providing the timber cladding has fairly low and stable moisture content and the correct paint is applied, then ongoing maintenance will be very low. The colouring of Atelier Brushed-Grain Decking will be more about the aesthetics and design intent instead of protecting the timber from the weather.

Our Atelier collection is coated and sealed using our specially formulated QFlex® - A flexible, UV, Coater/Sealer.

The Brushed Natural Finish is not Class 0 fire rated.

Price per M2 from: £42.00

*Prices will vary depending on board width. Ex Vat.




High Stability


High Quality




Easy Installation


Highly Durable 

Please make sure you order enough material to complete your project as there may be a subtle variation in colour from batch to batch and we cannot guarantee that a future batch will exactly colour match your existing product.

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