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How to Choose the Right Timber Cladding for your Kitchen Extension.

Kitchen extensions are a stylish and practical way to create space in your home, which is why they are one of the most popular building projects for homeowners. We take a look at timber-cladded kitchen extensions that have a spectacular finish.

Timber cladding has shown us time and time again how diverse the material can be, as we have seen it look exceptional when used alongside a whole range of different materials.

Charred timber cladding makes a statement when installed alongside brick so that you can achieve a contemporary but warm space. The use of big windows and bi-fold doors allows the room to be filled with natural light.

ThermoWood timber cladding extensions against white render are a great way to add extra character to your build. Our ThermoWood cladding on the images below softens the appearance and provides a contemporary contrast.

*The above image uses ThermoWood Ash Hardwood Cladding.

Mixing the colour of timber on your kitchen extension offers the chance for a truly individual appearance. Our AtelierClad® range includes a wide range of colours and is one option if you don't want to maintain your cladding, or are worried about how different areas may weather.

*Image rights go to relevant owners.

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