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5 Steps To Get Your Garden Party Ready This Summer!

We all have our fingers crossed for a sweltering summer so we can get out and spend time in our garden soaking up the sun, unwinding beneath the stars or hosting friends. If you are planning on the latter, it can be overwhelming when it comes to getting your garden ready to have the friends and family round however it does not have to be! Stick to our five steps and you will be ready to entertain in no time.

1. Start with a declutter

It is always good to start with basic housekeeping when it comes to getting your garden party ready. By sweeping up the leaves that may have gathered over the winter and giving the grass and bushes a good trim are two things that can make a dramatic difference to your landscape. Your decking may also need to be spruced up especially after the winter months. We always recommend using a solution like PrepDeck to remove any stains and then Net-Rol Neautraliser to restore your decking to its natural colour. To further protect your timber all year round we suggest you use Messmers UV Plus Oil as well which will protect it from any stains that may occur.

2. Create some colour

As we all know with British summer time, you never can trust that the sun will be out! Or if you have opted for a minimal maintenance garden you may not have flowers blooming, which can mean your garden can lack colour. If you are thinking of ways to add colour to your garden, then our AtelierDeck® range is something you need to discover! We have a variety of ten distinct colours so whatever ambiance you are trying to create you can be sure we will have the colour to fit.

3. Accessorise

Creating focal points in your garden is a wonderful way to create conversation and they are beautiful to look at. One way to do this is by displaying your flowers or vegetable patch in planters. Here at QTD we can create bespoke planters and benches to match exactly what you are looking for. Having planters that match your deck boards ensures your garden ties in seamlessly together and will be completely unique to you.

4. Create some warmth

If you are doing it right the party always carries on into the evening. This is the perfect time to have some warm lighting to create a relaxing environment. By having a firepit or a chimenea you can not only create a thorough source of light but also heat to keep your toasty during cool summer evenings. We always recommend you use our ThermoWood QBriquettes as wood fuel instead of conventional logs as they are 100% natural, recyclable, and sustainable write down to the packaging.

5. Relax

Now that the preparations are all complete, it is time to kick back and enjoy the time spent with your family and friends. Really be in the moment, play some music and cherish the time with your nearest and dearest.

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