Owatrol Net-Trol Neutraliser (2.5L)

Owatrol Net-Trol Neutraliser (2.5L)


Net-Trol is a powerful wood cleaner and brightener which restores greyed and weathered wood to its natural colour without damaging the wood’s fibres. This product is only to be used on timbers that have not been previously stained or oiled. It effortlessly removes both surface and ground in dirt leaving the wood looking bright and vibrant. Net-Trol is fast acting and can restore the original colour of your wood surface in as little as 15 minutes with no laborious and backbreaking sanding!


Ideal Uses for Net-Trol Wood Cleaner:
– Reviving neglected fence panels
– Cleaning greyed wooden garden furniture
– Restoring the colour of decking and cladding
– Removing stains caused by tannin bleed


Remember a clean surface is a safe surface!
It is the dirt build up on the surface of the deck that when wet becomes slippery on both grooved and smooth boards.


NOTE: Wear chemical resistant gloves, safety goggles and protective clothing


Coverage: 5-10m2/Litre