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What is AtelierClad®?

AtelierClad® Anthracite

What is AtelierClad®?

To achieve the stunning finishes within our AtelierClad® range we take our ThermoWood timbers and mechanically brush the surface and then apply a colour coat to it. The colour coating is very flexible and UV resistant.  

Our AtelierClad® and AtelierDeck® ranges have been around for approximately two years, after going through a series of extensive tests over the last 6 years. At QTD Ltd, we carried out a series of tests to discover how the material and finish would survive in different environments and through the effects of harsh weather on the boards. Our Atelier colour coatings are all UV resistant, so will not weather over time.

The important thing that has been considered when developing this range is durability. Many people have had issues with painting standard, unmodified softwoods since the finish will in time crack and peel. This is since standard softwood is susceptible to a lot more movement compared to ThermoWoods. If the paint isn’t as flexible as the timber, then it will crack and peel.

Although our ThermoWoods are very stable we still apply a flexible paint to the surface which takes on board any subtle movements that you may get in the timber through changes in moisture levels in the outdoor environment. We can apply this coating on our hardwoods or softwoods, so an attractive finish can be achieved whatever your preference or price point.

AtelierClad® Mocha

What profiles and fixings should I use to install AtelierClad®?

We have a wide range of profiles that you can choose from to apply to your boards so it is a personal choice as to which profile you opt for since they are free of charge. Different profiles are best suited to different orientations, as well as what fixings you aim to use. Our Sales team are always on hand to offer advice on what fixings and profiles are best suited to your development.  

When you come around to ordering AtelierClad® or AtelierDeck®, as long as you know what material you want to coat and the colour finish you are looking to achieve, alongside your preferred profile we will do the rest for you.

When your product is ready to be shipped it will be wrapped securely and a protective layer of foam and wax paper is placed between each board. This is so that the material and finish is properly protected. We expect our customers to treat their boards with the same care when unloading, storing and installing. Do not treat your material like normal, untreated timber, where you just stack one board on top of the other, as this will impair the finish.

AtelierClad® Carbonite

Is AtelierClad® suitable for any area?

AtelierClad® can be applied to commercial or domestic façades run either horizontally or vertically. It does not matter whether your elevation is south or north-facing since the colour coating is UV resistant, giving the surface adequate longevity.

Like all natural products, AtelierClad® and AtelierDeck® do not come with a guarantee. Only man-made manufactured products come with a guarantee. However, our colour coat has lasted over 6 years on our sample panel and none of our customers have ever passed comment on the colour coating changing or fading, since it is UV resistant and flexible.

What techniques do you recommend for installing my AtelierClad® boards?

When it comes to installing your cladding we would always recommend using screws that should be stainless. You can screw at a 45-degree angle through the bottom corner of the profile (depending on the chosen profile) into the batten. If you prefer, you could use pins, as long as they’re also stainless. If you want a clean all-round board, you could use our Invizifix clip system. Essentially we would side-groove your boards and you would simply install the clip and fix the boards on either side. The Invizifix clip is screwed straight into the batten and the fixing is hidden. So that there is no fixing through the faces of the boards.

AtelierClad® is a perfectly sound product, it is cured so that nothing comes off when installing. When you come around to fixing your cladding, no matter what the product finish is, you should always leave at least a 1mm gap between each board. Do not ram the profiles up tight against each other. Although our ThermoWoods only have a moisture content of 7%, which is substantially lower than conventional timbers, the timber may be susceptible to some subtle expansion as it takes on moisture. However, it will never shrink. So, always leave a small gap to allow for any subtle movements.

Do I need to maintain my AtelierClad® boards?

Your AtelierClad® boards do not need to be maintained. When receiving your order we always supply you with a touch-up paint in case the material is scratched upon installation. Other than that, you don’t need to do anything with it. If the material is installed in an area where it gets splashed with mud you can simply just wipe the boards down with a sponge and warm soapy water. We would not recommend jet-washing your AtelierClad® boards as this could damage the surface.

Once a year if you do want to maintain your boards you can just clean the boards with a sponge and soapy water. If at some point in the future you feel that your boards are starting to look tired, although we haven’t had experience of this before, you can simply reapply the colour coating. This isn’t essential since our ThermoWood timbers are very durable and irrespective of what is applied to the surface, the durability of the timber stays the same since it is ingrained in the material.

AtelierClad® Bahama

Will my AtelierClad® boards weather?

In short, AtelierClad® doesn’t weather. All natural timbers will weather to a grey colour, however, since the AtelierClad® has a UV resistant, flexible colour coating the timber is not affected by UV exposure. Again, if you feel that you want to repaint your boards, this is possible with our touch-up coat in the colour of your choice. Only apply a colour coating to the surface if it is clean, otherwise, the paint will just fall off.  

We hope that this post has answered all of your questions about our AtelierClad® range. However, we are on hand to answer any more enquiries! Give our Sales team a call on 0118 373 2211 or drop us an email at

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