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What cladding should I choose?

Updated: May 7, 2021

When deciding on whether to clad your property or latest project, it is so important to be aware of how the material you select will potentially benefit you in the long run. Timber cladding is one of the biggest influences when considering the overall appearance of the property. As well as this, the material offers added heat and sound insulation, and added durability.

Once you have decided that timber cladding is certainly the finish you are going for on your project, you will have to decide what species, profile, and colour you are going to select.

QTD Ltd boasts a wide range of compositions and choices to choose from. So, whatever theme or finished look you are aiming to achieve, you will get the right fit here!

The vast range of choices can be quite overwhelming for some, so we have simplified this to alleviate the stress from you. This article outlines the different cladding options suitable for your project and desired finish. Of course, you can always give us a call to discuss your ideas and desires and we will be able to find the best material for you, to help you build your dream!

The benefits of timber cladding

As we mentioned before, different types and species of timber cladding offer their unique advantages. However, in general, our timber cladding ranges provide these benefits:

  • Natural beauty: timber cladding omits a warm feel. It can blend in with natural surroundings or stand out against urbanised settings.

  • Sustainable: all of our timber cladding materials are sustainable. Timber cladding has been named as one of the greenest building choices you can make. So, if you are trying to be more responsible and caring towards the environment and the future of the planet, timber cladding is the way to go! Our ThermoWoods are 100% natural and recyclable. QTD Ltd are FSC and PEFC certified suppliers. We take sustainability seriously!

  • Timber cladding materials are naturally heat and sound insulating. This is since the cellular structure of the timber contains air pockets. This makes the timber cladding 15x more insulating than masonry, 400x more insulating than steel and 1770x more insulating than aluminium.

To keep it simple

Our ThermoWood range is available in a variety of natural species including Iroko, Ash, Ayous, Tulipwood and Pine. If you want to achieve a warm, welcoming finish, we suggest the ThermoWood Iroko composition. For a lighter honey brown shade, to seamlessly work with dark accents, the Ayous specie could be the one for you!

Due to the thermal modification process that our timbers endure, their lifespan is significantly increased compared to standard, untreated timber. Offering 30+ years of class 1 durability. Our ThermoWood’s are also resistant to warping, twisting, rotting, fungal growth and decay. This cladding option is also 100% natural and recyclable. Meaning that in the future, your products will not end up in landfill sites like most composite products. So are stunning and sustainable!

The natural look and feel of our ThermoWood range allows your property to blend in with the surrounding nature in rural settings. If your property is based in an urban area, this natural material will help you feel at one with Mother Nature.

If you like a charred effect

Initially introduced in 18th Century Japan, charred finishes are certainly not a new trend. However, the use of charred cladding is certainly on the rise. Charred facades have rapidly grown in popularity over the last decade. We have noticed residents of urbanised areas opting for this range for a sleek, minimalist appearance. This is a fashionable solution for architects and designers when deciding what material to use to clad a property. Our ThermoChar® range offers a unique approach to charred cladding, available in a range of timber species and charred effects. If you are looking for a strong definition between the wood and the grain structure, we would suggest our Light Charred Ash composition.

ThermoChar® Ash (Heavy)

If you want a fully charred finish, we suggest the ThermoWood Ash Hardwood (Heavy Charred) composition. Our charred cladding materials are made from ThermoWoods which mean that they offer the same benefits as our ThermoWood cladding range. As well as this, our Heavy charred finish is resistant to UV fading so that the product does not weather to a lighter, silvery hue over the years.

For a colourful finish

Our AtelierClad® range is also fashioned from ThermoWood species’. A brushed/enhanced grain surface is created, then our QFlex® Class 0 fire rated coating is applied in a colour of your choice (there are 12 to choose from). Offering the same benefits as our ThermoWoods as well as an additional 2 stage UV resistant coating, this range is great for those projects located in areas where harsh weather conditions are expected. Like wind, rain, snow and high exposure to the sun. Living by the beach? The AtelierClad® Capri and Olivine compositions would look beautiful paired with whitewashed walls and accents, as well as glass balustrades, to bring the ocean setting to your home!

Our Champagne hue would be perfect for someone searching for a calming composition. This would marry well with light brickwork or dark accents in the form of window frames and doors for a fashionable contrast.

If you are looking for an artificial timber look with a repeated wood grain effect

Want the look of natural unfinished timber cladding without the possibility of applying oils to keep the colour from fading to a silvery hue over the decades to come? Why not consider our two composite cladding ranges? Available in a range of colours, our composite cladding materials are sure to offer you the look and feel of real timber, with easy installation and upkeep.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and marrying attributes of their famous decking materials, Millboard’s cladding range offers two fixed-width profiles of composite cladding, in 4 different colours and at one board length. Offering the visual appearance of real timber, with hand-coloured boards. This cladding range is perfect if you are looking for a simple solution.

Trespa’s smooth-surfaced, durable, and low maintenance composite cladding range is sure to stand out. With a rich palette of colours and tones to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. Whether you are located along a seafront or in a windy, rainy area, Trespa’s composite cladding boards will be sure to stand up to the weather. Contaminants like soot and graffiti are easy to remove. If easy and low maintenance is essential for you, there are many colours to choose from, Trespa’s composite cladding shadow gap profile being one of these options in a Romantic Walnut composition.

Still, feeling overwhelmed or spoilt for choice? Our sales team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your upcoming project. Our technical knowledge acquired over the past 20+ years translates into an understanding of what does and does not work in the ever-changing UK climate. This expertise offers us many opportunities to work closely with Architects, Designers and Self-Builders at the early stages of their projects, to overcome the challenges and pitfalls around suitable material choices for the task at hand.

So often decisions are made on price first with scant regard for whether a product will live up to the manufacturers claim, and as the saying goes:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

Feel free to get in touch on 0118 373 2211 or email to discuss your thoughts and next steps to building your dream!

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