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Maintaining your Decking

Not sure how to maintain your timber deck? We have answered the top FAQs that we get from our customers below.

How long will my timber deck last?

The lifespan of your timber deck will depend on the material being used. Generally, softwoods decks achieve between 20-25 years of durability. Hardwood decks tend to last longer, at approximately 30 to 40 years. However, this also depends on how the deck has been constructed and the timber species being used.

Hardwoods are always much harder surfaced which makes them more durable. They also don’t rely on any chemical treatments to preserve the material. These preservatives are usually applied to softwood decks. So in conclusion, hardwood decks will normally give you a longer lifespan than other unmodified timbers.

ThermoWood Ash Decking

How do I maintain my decking area? 

Timber decks are very easy to maintain and are usually maintained the same way you would upkeep a patio. You can simply jet wash your deck, providing you don’t direct the nozzle any closer than 6-8 inches from the surface of the deck. At QTD, we would always recommend using a solution like PrepDeck which you can spray on with a 5-litre sprayer. 

Essentially, you would spray down the deck, leave it for 10 minutes and then jet wash the area. This will remove all of the dirt and much from the boards. After jet washing the timber you can either leave it as it is or, once dry, you can re-oil the timber if it is hardwood. 

You can follow these techniques with softwood decks too, however, you would have to bear in mind that softwoods usually accumulate dirt quicker as the timber is more open-grained.

Some customers also choose to apply stains but we wouldn’t recommend doing this because it tends to only be a surface treatment. If you’re dragging chairs around and moving furniture across your deck you could end up chipping it, creating a messy appearance. On the other hand, the oil will soak into the surface and will protect the surface of the timber. We would recommend using our Messmers UV Plus Oil to maintain the colour of your deck. 

How can I avoid slippery deck boards when they get wet? 

Your deck will only become slippery if you do not keep your deck clean. This has nothing to do with the material since you can slip just as easily on wet concrete. This is down to the amount of dirt that accumulates on the surface. Ultimately, as long as you keep the deck surface clean, and don’t let leaves and debris rot down onto the deck, then you won't have an issue with slipping. 

ThermoWood Ash Decking

What is the difference between the aftercare on timber vs composites?

When looking at maintaining and cleaning your timber or composite deck, the same rules apply. You can use a jet wash, but you must be fairly careful with it. However, with a composite deck, you must not use a chemical cleaner. Instead, opt for a bowl of soapy water. You would brush this onto the surface, brush off any dirt and debris and then hose the cleaner off.

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