Owatrol Prepdeck Cleaner/Stripper (2.5L)

Owatrol Prepdeck Cleaner/Stripper (2.5L)


Prepdeck Stripper/Cleaner is a professional, high grade product specially designed for the removing of old solid and semi transparent stains, grade stamps, mill glaze and other surface contaminants from wood. Prepdeck Stripper/Cleaner may be used on softwoods, hardwoods and Thermally treated timber. It is ideal for garden decks, fences, cladding, log homes and garden furniture.


Please note:
When using Prepdeck you must neutralise the surface immediately with Net-trol.
This prevents a reaction with the new coating to be applied.
You will find Net-Trol in our shop.


Coverage: Dependent on dilution


Remember a clean surface is a safe surface!
It is the dirt build up on the surface of the deck that when wet becomes slippery on both grooved and smooth boards.

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