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Average Cost Of Cladding A House UK.

Many people ask us “how much will timber cladding cost us?” or “how much should we budget for timber cladding?” Of course, we love to help out where we can. So, here are some ideas when budgeting for your project.

Your Budget Vs The Value Of Your Home

This is a very important thing to consider when planning your budget. Comparing your budget to the value of your home puts it into perspective. Naturally many of us start out with the nice to have Rolls Royce ideas but only have a Mini budget to work with. Our customers have seen an increase in the value of their home due to the timber being a durable/stable and sustainable option, ultimately achieving curb appeal.

On the question of sustainability, we are seeing increasing interest in the use of UK grown timbers with either a machine finish or a variety of surface finishes which may well align with your budgetary requirements. Remember, the numbers above come from our experience and may not be right for you, it’s always best to book a call with a technician to find the best cladding for you and book a showroom visit to see large display panels to give you a better perspective on all the different options.

*The above project uses our ThermoWood Ayous hardwood cladding.


Another thing worth considering when it comes to budgeting is whether you want a surface finish on your timber cladding. If you wanted to go for charred/burnt cladding then this will increase your cost likewise if you opted for painted cladding. The thing to remember is, by opting for heavy charred timber and painted timber your cladding will be UV resistant which means you won’t have to worry about the timber fading, reducing the need for maintenance.


If you are spending money on exterior timber cladding you may wish to enhance the surrounding area by re-doing the landscape. This is an important factor when budgeting as you want to have a finished build you are completely in love with, and therefore should be something you think about when planning the costs for your project.

So, is timber cladding worth the money!? You know what we would tell you, but this is completely your decision, however, if the below is important to you then ThermoWood timber cladding may be worth your budget.

- Low Maintenance

- Long Lifespan

- Sustainable

- Design Freedom

Project Budgeting

The most important lesson when embarking on a comprehensive project is to always remember that the value of your property is based on what can be seen visually by estate agents and prospective buyers. What’s in the ground and hidden from view will not necessarily help the value. So make sure you hold firm on pricing for these things so that your budget does not run dry prematurely when it comes to adding visual value to the inside and outside of your project which includes landscaping.

If you would like to discover more about our ThermoWoods, you can find a huge range of info in our learning hub, and to see our product range, click here.

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