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ThermoChar® - Crazy Crackle Sample

ThermoChar® - Crazy Crackle Sample

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Sample Specification

Samples are 100mm -150mm long with variable board widths and profiles unless a specific profile is specified.

Our ThermoChar range follows a specialist and bespoke process. We are the only UK producers of Charring Thermally Modified Hardwood and Softwood.

This process takes previously Thermally Modified hardwoods and softwoods produced at our factory and then charring/burning the outer surface in a variety of ways. Therefore, this process makes the boards far more fire-resistant than standard charred/burnt timbers such as larch and cedar etc. All the resins, sugars and tannins that are normally present in timbers like larch and cedar have been removed. With this in mind, by applying the additional process of charring/burning the surface, the result is a much improved charred surface. Overall, eliminates the risks of the timber igniting when exposed to sparks or flames. Only Heavy charring becomes UV resistant to fading. If the surface is chipped or damaged it does not expose the natural parts of the timber that may lead to surface peel or potential decay and minimal ongoing maintenance is required.

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