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How to Make Your Garden Dog Friendly.

If you have a four-legged companion, you are likely to rely on your garden for a play around before walks and belly scratches in the sun. So, how can you ensure your outside area is a haven that both you and your dog can enjoy?

*The above image used our ThermoWood Ash Hardwood Decking.

Create a decked area.

The main advantage of creating a decked area in your garden is that you can be sure that you will have no yellow patches on your grass. Your pet will have something soft enough for them to lounge on, but for you, the area will need minimum maintenance. A simple wash with a hose and yearly oiling with Messmers UV Plus Oil will ensure your decked area will look beautiful all year round. You could opt for hardwood or softwood timber or composite boards such as Millboard.

*The above image used our ThermoWood Ash Hardwood Decking.

Give your dog some privacy.

Why not create an area just for your dog? If your pup has been trained to use a specific place to relieve themselves in your garden then designing an area around this, solely for them can give them some privacy. You could create a kennel out of wooden offcuts you may have so they have somewhere to relax and feel safe. Or choose from our range of ThermoWoods for a durable and premium finish. You could even create a designated digging zone to stop them from digging in other areas of your garden. You can encourage your dog to dig solely in this area by burying some of their favourite treats or toys!

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Create shade.

During the summer months, creating a shaded area for your dog to cool down from playing in the heat is a good idea. A Pergola is a great way to create shade while also creating a focal area within your garden. You could also plant potted mature trees if you have the space which is a great way to create low shade. Be sure to keep a saucer filled with water to ensure your four-legged friend can keep hydrated.

*All image rights go to relevant owners for the above.

Make it escape-proof

If you are introducing a new puppy to your household then it may be wise to ensure your boundaries are secure. Why not get creative with your fences and choose a variety of different widths or a bold colour to make a statement? Our AtelierClad® in the colour carbonite could be used to recreate the below finish. If your pup does like to dig, then be sure to check your garden every so often to ensure no escape routes have been created!

*All image rights go to relevant owners for the above.

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