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Bonfire Night: Make it Special with QBriquettes™

The traditional Bonfire Night saw an effigy made of old clothes, stuffed with paper and straw burnt on a huge bonfire, surrounded by crowds of people to mark the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes.

This initially happened in 1605, so traditions have slightly changed since then. However, you can still catch a public bonfire night celebration at your local park on the 5th of November. On the other hand, some people prefer to spend this time with their families and friends in their own homes and gardens, making their own bonfires and new traditions.

A bonfire is essential

Ultimately, bonfire night isn’t complete without a bonfire, no matter what scale it is. Fuel your bonfire with our QBriquettes™ to emit a clean smoke, a warm heat and a steady flame, perfect for your celebrations.

You can gather around your bonfire, and toast marshmallows whilst watching the fireworks that light up the sky on the 5th November. Feeling creative? Why not make some S’mores with your toasted marshmallow for the perfect bonfire night treat.

Fire up the pizza oven!

Make your bonfire night even more exciting by creating pizzas from your wood-fired oven, fuelled by QBriquettes™! Load on the toppings and enjoy an authentic Italian pizza whilst gathered around the bonfire. No need to worry about chemicals frequently emitted through coal briquettes because our ThermoWood QBriquettes™ are 100% natural wood.

Prefer to stay inside?

Image: Pinterest

Don’t want to brave the cold on the 5th of November? How about a cosy bonfire night movie with your log burner or fire crackling in the background? Snuggle up with your family, with your favourite film on for a cosy, warm twist to firework night.

There are so many ways that you can make bonfire night special for yourself, your friends and your family.

We can't wait to try these new ideas and create our own bonfire night traditions. S’mores anyone?

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