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Utilising your Project Offcuts Internally

So, you’ve just finished installing your cladding or decking with our durable, bespoke ThermoWoods, and as the smart developer you are, you also allowed for some wastage that you didn’t have to use. You now have some materials leftover and like the creative individual you are, you’re looking to utilise this wastage and offcuts to make them into something personal and useful, to maximise your project detail, bringing the outside in, adding a natural touch to the interior of your home. Great job!

Recycling and reusing your product offcuts have many benefits since you are utilising all of your material and not wasting any, ensuring all material has a purpose. In addition to bringing an element of nature into your home, known to improve mood, purify the air and also improve sound and heat insulation (depending on how the offcuts are used). As well as this, by utilising your project offcuts you’re making something that is personal, which will always serve as a reminder of your project.

There are many ways you can utilise your project off-cuts and we have outlined a few ideas for you! So, get your creative cap on and get to work on transforming your product offcuts by creating statement pieces or personal products that shop-bought products simply won’t compare to!

Travel the world from the comfort of your own home

Why not create a map of the world with your product offcuts? By stencilling out the world map and cutting out the pieces. You can either nail these directly to your wall or stick the pieces on a canvas, like fitting together all of the pieces of a puzzle! You could add an even more personal touch by pinning your holiday and travelling memories to each country so you can relive your memories every day!

Not sure where to start? Or how it will turn out? Use these images for inspo!

Build a personalised toy box

Fed up of tripping over your children's toys? Wish you had somewhere to store them all? Why not build your own toy box with your project offcuts? By simply fashioning your leftover planks into a box shape, either nailing, glueing or screwing them together. Feeling brave? You could also personalise the box with your child's name by cutting out letters from your offcuts like in this inspo pic, or if you run out of material, you could just paint their name on! Perfect for your children or as a beautiful, personal gift.

Organise your books

Bookshelves are a great way to store your heaps of books or magazines, as well as being an attractive place to display household accessories like candles and plants. Use your project offcuts to create a simple shelf by nailing or screwing leftover planks to your wall, at a height of your choice. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take some inspo from this image and see what you can build with your offcuts! We love the idea of a tiered shelf, supported by smaller offcuts.

Never lose your keys again!

Fed up of forgetting where you have put your keys at the end of a long day? Alleviate your stress by fashioning a key-holder from your offcuts! Simply screw or nail a cut-down board (of the size you desire) to your wall and screw hooks underneath for a handy storage solution for your keys! Optimise this design and use the top of the board to shelve letters or plants to keep all of the important stuff in one place!

Add a touch of luxury to your bath

Add a little more luxury to your bath with a handmade bath tray. Ideal for placing all of your bath time lotions and potions in reach as well as balancing your book or phone for some bath-time reading or Netflix binging!

Simply use your leftover board by cutting it down to size. Glue or nail smaller pieces to create a trim and if you like add a book stand to your design by glueing, screwing or nailing a smaller piece to the centre of your new bath tray!

There are endless ways that you can utilise your project offcuts, and these are just a few creative ideas that you can take inspiration from! Got an idea that you’d like to share?

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