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Architects and Builders: Find The PERFECT Timber For Your Project

Order Up To 4 FREE Samples 👌 + FREE Delivery 🚚  Whilst Stocks Last

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The UK's Exterior & Interior Design

& Supply Timber Specialists

Everything we supply is highly durable with low        maintenance, a long lifespan and of course beautiful

to look at.

We’re a family run business with over 24 years of experience so you’re in safe hands. We Design, Create and Supply to stun, every time.

And we’re trusted by the masses! (Seriously...

check out our Google and Trustpilot reviews!!)

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Upgrade your project with QTD’s high quality, bespoke timber

With over 24 years of experience building, supplying and testing these materials...

...You can have complete confidence that we know what works in our variable UK climate.
​QTD specialise in top-quality timber that adds a touch of luxury to any project.

We pride ourselves on achieving absolute customer satisfaction, every time.
Integrating our high-end timber into your project not only elevates its appearance...

 ...But significantly 
boosts your 
property's value.

​​Timber for EVERY Project!

​​Since our journey began in the early 2000's, we've handcrafted and supplied unique exterior structures for hundreds of construction projects, merging your vision with our expertise to create finishes you’ll enjoy for a lifetime!

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ThermoWood Ash Mixed

Materials Contrast


Iroko Materials

ThermoWood Charred Ash Heavy 2.png
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ThermoChar Cladding 
Barn Conversion

ThermoWood Pine Softwood Cladding Gardenroom

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AtelierClad Anthracite Outbuilding
Designed and Built

Planters and Benches

ThermoWood Ash

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ThermoWood Ash Decking Residential with Hot Tub Feature 
British Grown Cedar 
Sauna Internal Installation

​Let's Talk PRICE...

There are FOUR key considerations to take into account when pricing up your project:


01. The Species

First, our prices will vary depending on the species of timber you choose.

Softwood Price Range (m2 Guide): £15.00 – £71.00

Hardwood Price Range (m2 Guide): £61.00 – £131.00


02. The Dimensions

Our costs will then depend on the length and width of the boards. We offer a variety of lengths from 1.2m up to 3.6m to choose from. Choosing mixed length boards is a great way to save costs, as fixed-length boards have additional costs due to the difficulty in sourcing them.


03. The Finishes

We offer a wide rage of hand-finished cladding boards, including the ThermoChar and Atelier ranges, every board is completed with due care and attention, priced £45-£120 per M2.


04. Maintenance & Delivery

We provide bespoke stainless screws, designed specifically for our cladding and decking, along with UV Messmers Oil, Wax end sealer, and touch-up sealer to help maintain your timber's look. These items cater to everything needed for installing and maintaining your cladding.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Give our testimonials a read to find out why we’re trusted by the masses...

Are you looking for a company that really cares about getting it right?

Trust in our family-run, innovative, and eco-conscious business for all your timber needs.

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Founded in 2000, QTD is a family owned business with a passion for quality timber and world-class design. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke products, made in-house with high-quality timber.

Dedicated to green operations, QTD proudly holds FSC® and PEFC full chain of custody certifications. 

Navigating the UK climate and industry trends, we guide clients in making the best material choices for their projects putting heart and soul into everything we do.

At QTD, we are truly a family business who believe in getting the little things right.

Ready to choose your samples?

Choose between a range of samples from cladding to decking and 3D wall panels too! Delivery is completely FREE and it’s a great way to try out different materials for your project!


Cladd Samples

Pick up to 4 samples, samples are 100mm -150mm. Remember delivery is completely FREE and you won’t be forced to buy anything you don’t like!

Softwood Cladding

Hardwood Cladding

Explore the Collection

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