Pressure Treated Spruce Pine Decking

(Smooth & Grooved Reversible)

Board Lengths: 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.6m, 4.8m

A Grade = Some small knots

Other Sizes Available:
27 x 118mm
27 x 145mm

Pine is very light in colour and has yellow tones throughout the board.

European Spruce is a species of spruce native to Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. Its branches typically hang down and produce the largest cones of any spruce. It is closely related to the Siberian Spruce.

Which way up should I lay a reversible deckboard?

When decking was first introduced into the UK and bought to life around the time of Alan Titchmarsh and Ground Force TV, through the power of marketing, everyone was told that laying it grooved side up made the decking a non-slip surface, as water would run into the grooves. However, what they didn’t tell you was that all the dirt accumulates in the channels and unless it is regularly swept out the water gets trapped and the boards deteriorate quicker and become slippery far quicker. Our recommendation would be to lay the boards smooth side up. The board stays cleaner and the grooves on the underside help the framework stay dryer by not trapping the water between the framework and the deckboard.


Can I burn the offcuts in a wood burner indoors?

No. This is not advisable due to the fumes it may produce. All chemically treated timber should go to landfill sites.

Pressure Treated Spruce Pine Decking

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