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What decking should I choose?

Updated: May 7, 2021

This customer chose to incorporate Millboard decking around a partially sunken hot tub, which was sited alongside a patio, laid to stone, with three steps leading down to the lawn area. The customer wanted a contrasting material to surround the hot tub, since for example, in the winter months, stepping out onto stone can be quite uncomfortable, as opposed to stepping out onto decking, which is usually warmer.

However, the client did not want to use natural, unmodified timber due to not having the time to upkeep and maintain the material and wanted an anti-slip material around an area that would frequently get wet. In turn, the client opted for Millboard’s composite decking, renowned for its textured grain and low maintenance properties.

The customer noticed that there are a lot of websites and companies that sell composite decking products. However, they opted for QTD Ltd due to the high level of expertise displayed from the outset of their enquiry. QTD Ltd.’s excellent customer service, industry expertise, and quick turn-around time allowed the client to trust us and feel confident when investing in our product offering. Which was a priority when ordering an expensive, composite material, alongside longevity and ease of maintenance.

After deliberation and careful consideration surrounding the options available, the client took the plunge and ordered the Millboard: Enhanced Grain Decking in Limed Oak, alongside the recommended screws. When constructing the deck, the customer was extremely surprised and pleased with how easy the material was to cut and fit. The cut ends were painted with a touch-up coating provided by QTD Ltd. When the boards were screwed down, there was little to no trace of the screws being there since the boarding closed over the top.

It has been around three years since this deck was installed, which has endured a lot of use alongside frequent changes in the UK climate. The customer expresses that the deck has certainly lived up to their expectations, showing no signs of wear and tear. Although the colour slightly fades and gets dirty during the winter months, with some warm soapy water and a broom, the boards are quickly restored to their former glory.

Our client says: “I guess the real proof is if asked would I recommend it? Yes, most definitely and I have done plenty of times, as they say, “it does exactly what it says on the tin” so I guess you truly do get what you pay for”.

Looking to order your decking? Not sure where to start? Watch the video below and all of your questions will be answered!

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