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Kitchen Edition: Update your Kitchen with your Wooden Offcuts.

Stop! Before throwing away your wooden offcuts, why not upcycle them and add some creative accessories or furniture to update your kitchen? Not only is this a budget-friendly option, but your new additions will also match the colour scheme of your newly added cladding or decking!

Refresh your counter.

Give your kitchen a unique update that you can be sure no one else will have by using your wooden offcuts for your kitchen counters. An easy way to do this is by using your existing counters as a template, collecting your pieces of wooden offcuts together, then using some DIY tools such as planers and clamps to regularise your pieces, glue and clamp them together, smooth your surface to make the required panel, and sand down any rough edges. They will add warmth to your kitchen and be highly durable in your own unique style.

Time for kitchen accessories.

Wine Rack

The possibilities are endless as to the accessories you can create for your kitchen. Why not, create a wine rack that will be sure to get your guests talking every time you open a bottle? There are many different ways you can create a wine rack with your wooden offcuts, most crucial thing to ensure is that the holes which will fit the beverage of choice are not too small or big.


Why not create a planter to sit on your window seal for a rustic look? You could fill it with seasonal staples like Eucalyptus in the spring and Violas in the winter or herbs to use while you are cooking. Not only will you be able to get creative with how your planter looks, but you will also have the aroma of fresh plants or herbs in your kitchen.

Grazing Boards

You could make your own grazing board, which can be used when having friends for dinner. Simply gather together all your favourite nibbles, and arrange them on your board to share. You could do a mixture of meats and cheeses, or go entirely vegetarian or vegan.

Create additional space.

If you have larger pieces of wooden offcuts then you could add additional space to your kitchen area for mugs or décor by creating shelves. Layering your shelving or creating different sizes can add dimension to your space. To create a rustic feel you could install black shelf brackets, which your shelves would sit on. Or for a more modern approach, you could install "invisible" shelf brackets which will give the effect of a floating shelf.

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