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UK Renovation Prices 2023

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Have you started renovating or thinking of renovating but the quotes for the materials you need and labour is increasing as time goes by? We have put together all the information we know on how to plan a renovation in the current climate to give you an insight into how prices can affect your project and some tips on how to mitigate these costs.

Increase in price of materials.

Many people who start their project journey may be surprised at material costs as well as contractor prices. This is largely due to economic issues and increased demand, however, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel which should bring issues such as supply back under control. An extremely important note to remember is that the money you spend on your project will no doubt add long-term value to your property, by differentiating your property from others and using sustainable materials to build will only increase resale value.

Secure material as soon as possible.

It is essential that you take the time to plan for the different materials you require in good time, once you have chosen the required material, do not wait to order until you need it on site. It is essential that you have your material on site when you need it to avoid delays and costs for builders. We offer part payments to make it easier for consumers to purchase their material alongside other project costs, as well as a free holding system, which means, no matter how early you place your order, it will wait with us until you are ready for it.

Think about alternatives.

You can offset rising costs by opting for more budget-friendly options. We have a whole page on our website that is dedicated to our prices, to empower you to be fully informed when making a decision on the material you wish to purchase. We have options for every budget, depending on the species of timber you choose to go for, the length, and the finish. A simple and quick way to minimise costs when choosing timber is to opt for mixed lengths. Not only will this decrease costs but will ensure a much shorter lead time.

Getting out of the ground.

Without a doubt, the biggest absorption and runaway costs of a budget are getting out of the ground and not controlling it from the outset. In the excitement and haste to get started groundworks, pipework, and setting out costs are not kept in check. Always keep in mind that the value and resale value in your home is based on what is seen and the quality and finish of the materials used internally and externally, and not what’s hidden from view in the ground or behind the walls. This is already assumed that it has been properly constructed in accordance with regulations.

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