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Velvet Matte White Apple

Velvet Matte White Apple


The Apple has always been the symbol of Earth and in fact life itself. Bull & Stein have now taken this mystical fruit and created stunning ceramic sculptures with an eye-catching modern look. We have 5 different sizes in 7 different colours that are finished in a glossy light reflective glazing. Choose one to fit your mood and home surroundings.  


Throughout time, the apple has been a symbol of the Earth, of life itself, of knowledge and of sensuality, being the apogee in the lives of Adam and Eve, Sir Isaac Newton, Rene Magritte and Snow White. So Bull & Stein have reinterpreted this mystic fruit for the home, creating eye-catching ceramic sculptures with a modern, surrealist twist. In 5 sizes and 7 different colours glossed in a light-reflective glaze, find the most eccentric apple to fit your space.

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