Cladding Framework

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Cladding Battens

Pressure Treated Blue Softwood Cladding Battens BST grade (Blue)

We recommend you always use BS 5534 pressure treated blue cladding battens which are straight and have a reduced knot content to ensure good sound quality and durability as you are relying on these to secure your cladding.

Size: 25 x 38mm x 3.6m


When your cladding is horizontal the cladding battens must be securely screwed vertically to your substrate at 400mm centres.

If you want to install your cladding vertically then the first row of battens is also installed vertically at 600mm centres followed by a horizontal row set out at 400mm centres.

The reason for the first row being vertical is to prevent any possible moisture build up on you breathe membrane getting trapped on a horizontal batten and deteriorating it. Moisture can therefore travel unimpeded downwards and out through the insect mesh at the bottom of the building. 

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